Treasure Lesson #5: Be “MAG”-nificent!

Back  issues of magazines can be great treasures to find. And they often don’t have to be very old. Some publications have such a following, that some people like to own ALL of the issues, thus increasing their demand.

Some examples of  recent back issues of magazines that can pull  a pretty good price (especially in lots) include:

Decorative Crochet, Magic Crochet, Piecework, FibreArts,QuiltMaker, Sew Beautiful, Domino, Fretboard, Nintendo Power, Martha Stewart KIDS…..just to name a few.

I picked these recent magazines (1990’s and 2000’s) up yesterday 7/30 at a local library sale. Both tied stacks cost 1.00 each. There are 25 issues total in these stacks.  Value: Approx. $50.00-75.00 for the whole lot.

Treasure Lesson #5: Back issues of magazines, even recent ones, can be worth money. A good rule of thumb is to find magazines that have  very specific content (crocheting, playing a banjo, rollercoasters…etc).  Magazines that  were published only a couple of years can also be of value.

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