Yay! More found treasures from this past week!

Wow!…TWO weeks of great thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales! I’m on a mothball high!

So here’s some of the best stuff I got this past week:

Found this huge, retro, pull-down school map of Florida at a thrift store…it goes perfectly in my “Florida bedroom”! I’m thinking of putting a “faux frame” around it…hmmmmm.

This was probably my fastest sale ever! I bought this set of Dog Training/Behavior Textbooks for $5.00 at a thrift store on Friday.  They sold an hour after listing them this weekend for $100.00! Bow-WOW!(Ironically one of the corners of one book looked” puppy chewed”.)

I know…I know…this looks like dull Barbie furniture pattern booklets. But this is just a mere portion of the forty-five pattern booklets I got for .79 a piece at a thrift store. They value between $9.00-$30.00 a piece! I find that dull money spends just the same as interesting money…go figure!

I love these! I found these accidentally as my son was digging through a bin of plastic toys at a thrift store (can you say PURELL?)…anyway…I found one..then another…then another…and soon I had all of these beauties. The are about 10″ tall, so I believe they are  from a child’s bowling game.  I can’t find another one on the internet..so they still have some mystery.The lithographs on each are so cool! I’ll probably put these on Etsy….

These were the gems along with a load of great school clothes for my son, some Snoopy collectible things, and a ton of vintage yoga/holistic/Asian philosophy books.

And bonus! I feel like I’ve gotten some of my “mojo” back reading the blogs of some fellow thrifters….what great new things I’ve learned! If you get a moment, click on some of their links….really interesting reads!

Here’s to another fun week!

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2 Responses to Yay! More found treasures from this past week!

  1. Kerrie says:

    Makes me wanna go junkin’!!

  2. latenightcoffee says:

    We have to junk again some time!!! You are Queen Junker!

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