10 Signs you have the “Junking Bug”

Here they are:

1. You are up late at night wondering why someone hasn’t opened a 24 hour thrift store.

2. You walk through Target/Kohl’s/The Taj Mahal and think “I totally could find this stuff for a $1.00 at a garage sale.”

3. Your in-laws catch you turning over a vase in their living room for markings…and it doesn’t phase you. Nor does the fact that its an urn.

4. You see yourself finally getting organized with a shelf, some baskets, and a box of pens…your neighbor sees you digging through their trash at 6:00 am.

5. After some serious pondering during your early morning drives, the super hero powers you have thought about wanting would be 1) “Splitmation” that splits yourself into hundreds of “you”.. so you could be at ALL the sales at the same time. 2) “Bright Light Vision” that spotlights all the valuable items …just for you. 3) “Reverse Time Action” that makes the person put back the items you were just minutes away from grabbing.

6. You are a math whiz. You can calculate the money you have in your wallet, divide it by the retro dishes on the table, minus the amount you still need to buy milk & bread, add the amount you have in your car console, and multiply it by the anxiety you will have if…you…don’t…buy…them…now.

7. You could be running late for the airport, a business meeting…your wedding…and you would still stop at a yard sale along the way.

8.  You could have already won an Oscar with the amount of seriousness you use to  proclaim every week: “I’m DEFINITELY not going out this weekend…I’ve got too much stuff!”….with a straight face.

9.  Your 7 year old son, Chris, comes home with a note  addressed “To the Parents of Brian B.”…because that is what’s  Sharpied on his shirts….lunchbox….and socks.

10. Your  friends are all amazed at how you win at Jenga every single time….until they see your car.

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4 Responses to 10 Signs you have the “Junking Bug”

  1. Darth Madre says:

    Number 9 is hauntingly true! Someone once thought J’s last name was “Hohe” because I inherited a huge bag of the Hohe family’s clothing from Freecycle and it was all labeled as such!

  2. latenightcoffee says:

    That’s FUNNY! Hohe….hehe.

  3. Nank says:

    While visiting my daughter-in-law in Alabama I DID miss my flight. The funny part is that on the way to the airport we passes a rummage sale and I wished I’d left sooner so I could have gone. While finding out about my missed flight I rescheduled for two hours later and WE WENT BACK TO THE SALE! WOOHOO! I got some great stuff!

    Also when my oldest son (husband of the aforementioned daughter-in-law) was in the 6th grade he left his winter coat on the playground and it ended up in the lost and found. They would not give it to him because it had someone else’s name sharpied inside the collar! I had to go to the school to claim it!

    Just found your blog via Vintage Rescue Squad and put it just under hers at the top of my favorites list. I LOVE IT!

    • latenightcoffee says:

      How funny!!!!!! You really do have the junking bug! LOVE those stories!!! Thank you so much for sharing! Long live roadside sales and Sharpies!!! 🙂

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