Treasure Lesson #11: Valuable Postcards:Wish you were here!

Postcards can be very valuable. At one point, postcards were virtually one of the very few ways that people would get to see pictures of places & events from around the world.

What kinds of postcards are valuable?

1) Real photo vintage postcards can be valuable, especially if the subject matter is scarce or historical. And they are just that…real photos with a postcard backing. Examples would be a picture of someone’s house, a festival, or a sporting event.

2) Small town postcards are highly sought after too. Images and street scenes from very small towns are sometimes the only images that may still be in existence of an area.

3) If a Hotel/Motel/Restaurant is now gone, their postcards (with their image) can be collectible to many people for sentimental reasons.  Images can be of the inside or outside of the establishment. These can date from the late 1800’s to the 1970’s.

4) Vintage holiday postcards, especially ones printed by Tuck’s, Nash, and Winsch are very valuable. The artwork alone on these is beautiful and extremely detailed.

Valuable postcards can be found at thrift stores, estate sales, and garage sales.  Look in boxes of ephemera, inside books as bookmarks, and in scrapbooks.

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