Say “Hello!” to Mr. Hand….please.

Today, I was able to secure a couple of hours kid-free so you know where I headed….hellooooo thrift stores!

I was going through my usual happy scanning of the aisles…but sadly, my joy was shortlived.

It appeared the cashier had a nasty cold, or a severe allergy attack, or someone suddenly threw some pepper in her direction. Regardless, she began sneezing like there was tomorrow. I don’t have a problem with sneezers….as long as they cover their mouths…which she was not doing….at…all.

My  germaphobe self started to emerge within me…I was willing it down like Bruce Banner. “Please…not now…finish looking…finish looking” But it was not to be. Suddenly, my crazy brain began with swirling with thoughts of how I would proceed at the checkout counter with said items…and to the “Land of the Droplets”.

I could:

A) Hold everything up myself one at a time, QVC-like, while she rang it up….as I stood about 10 feet away from the counter.

B)Find a pair of gloves and a  scarf…put them on for best coverage..and proceed to the checkout…as normal as I could for August in Florida.

C) Leave without items, surrender to my anxiety,  but maintain my dignity…and be disease-free.

With the angst and huffing of a teenager, I did the latter. I now have added a number eleven to this list.

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