What Can I Sell in My Kid’s Room? Part II

Today, our five part series “What Can I Sell in My Kid’s Room?” focuses on those TV characters our youngsters love. And while we cringe in pain to watch them, they are definitely in demand .

The following are some of the T.V. character toys that are doing very well on Ebay:

1) Thomas the Tank Engine

2)Wonder Pets

3)Bob the Builder

4)The Wiggles

5) Barney

Condition should be gently used and of course, not broken. In addition,items that  are hard to find or vintage in this category, can definitely bring a good price.

If you are looking up the value of YOUR items on Ebay, make sure you click on COMPLETED ITEMS in the lefthand column. This will show you what items have sold for in the recent weeks.

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