What Can I Sell in My Kid’s Room? Part IV

Children nestled comfortably on the couch watching a favorite movie….quietly, not fighting, and completely happy…is a moment that many parents love .

That is exactly what many parents will be wanting come Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.  So start getting those DVD’s that your children no longer watch out and sorted! You’ve got some great hidden cash in those!

I have found the best way to sell them on Ebay is in grouped lots. Meaning…putting together groups of the same kinds of shows and/or movies (i.e. Lot of 19 Dora DVDS or Lot of 24 Disney Movie DVDS).

Make sure they are free of scratches and damaging wear. It’s best to have the plastic holder they came in as well.

But don’t put them on now. Wait until the beginning of November to start listing them. You’ll have more people (desperately) looking for them at that time.

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