A Book That Looks Like Nothing…

One of the best threads about bookselling  is found on Ebay. It’s on the bookseller’s discussion board and is titled “A Book That Looks Like Nothing“.

It basically a TON of information on books that seemingly look like “nothing” but are worth a LOT. Booksellers continually write in to the thread and routinely update the ongoing “nothing” list. The thread is about seven years old…a definite wealth of information!

I have found several “nothing” books in my bookselling years. Nothing makes you go “OHMYGOSH!” louder than looking up a book that seemingly looks normal, only to find its an extremely coveted book OR…even better….you can’t find another copy because they are rare or keep getting sold quickly.

I found a couple “nothing” books on Saturday.

This one is from 1985..has a cheesy looking woman on the outside. But inside is how to rate jade jewelry.

All the copies have sold out on Amazon and the lowest price I could find for it was $195.00 on Abe Books.

I paid a dollar for it and listed it for $80.00 ( I like quick nickels better than slow dimes).

Here’s another…

I picked this up for a quarter.

Its got some history on the City of London School.

Listed for $30.00.

But the BEST “nothing” book I ever picked up was this about a year ago:

I picked this book up at a thrift store for a dollar. Thought it was just a regular vintage  “run of the mill” softcover car book.

Yeah….I was wrong.

This evidentally is an extremely authorative and valuable book for anyone who owns one of these cars.  I sold my copy for $265.00 back then.  The lowest I see them listed on Amazon now is $375.00.

In the bookselling world, nothing can really be something.

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10 Responses to A Book That Looks Like Nothing…

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  2. Shara says:

    Hey, that lady on the cover of the Jade book has my high school hair do! On a more serious note…I love buying books at estate sales. I’m going to follow your link to “A Book That Looks Like Nothing”. Thanks for this post–very informative.

    • latenightcoffee says:

      That’s great…I think a lot of 80’s girls had that hair. Yikes! That thread is really great…hope you can grab some good info from it! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Mike R says:

    I’d read the eBay thread a little at a time. It’s overwhelming to try to read at once! I spent hours reading it when I first found it. One thing I’ll mention about the thread is that some people in the last couple of years started compiling all of the specific books, genres, and authors into one long thread that you can print. I copied it and pasted it into Word and printed it for use when out and about. Very useful.

    • latenightcoffee says:

      You are right…it can definitely be an overwhelming amount of info at one sitting…and the list is such a great tool. Thanks for writing in!

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