Lots O’ Treasures this Week!

I wasn’t sure how this past week and weekend were going to be since there was a holiday….but it turned out to be GREAT!

Here’s some highlights from this week’s haul…

These are my things for reselling:

Items include: Vintage Christmas tablecloth, 4 vintage postcards, vintage wedding cake topper,  2 bags of Christmas nutcracker ornaments, lot of good books, educational base ten set (sealed), Rogers & Hammerstein sealed boxed set, Harry Potter book on tape, MLB fabric (see this post), three vintage yearbooks, lot of catalogs from an antique/art auction house, and 4 amazing books that ” Look like Nothing“.

9/6 UPDATE: The blue  Herb Lubalin book sold for $100.00 in less than 24 hours on Ebay….yay for books that “look like nothing”!

These are fun things I bought for the house:

Items include: BIG box of shells, two NEW with tags laundry baskets, cute baby blanket, fun rusty chair, and lamp.

My son also scored some cool walkie-talkies and books!

Overall….an awesome week! I’ve got some work to do now! Have a great and safe rest of your weekend!

I would love to hear what you got on your adventures! And if you like looking at other people’s finds from this week…check out Southern Hospitality and Apron Thrift Girl for their “Thrift Finds Monday” parties on their blogs….fun stuff!

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4 Responses to Lots O’ Treasures this Week!

  1. Sarah says:

    “I got a rock.”
    Hee….Just kidding, I love all your treasures Bec! Love you too!

  2. Laurie says:

    LOVE that baby blanket! And, that’s really something about those books! Coolness!

  3. Holy cow. Those graphic design books are clutch. Some good coin for those. A good reference that I use on design books for reselling: http://www.thisisdisplay.org/bookstore/

    Keep on junkin~

    – Justin

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