I’m in a pickle.

A&E had a “Hoarders” marathon on Monday…you KNOW I was watching. Nothing makes me clean and organize my house better and more thoroughly than a couple episodes of that show.

I feel for those people…I really do. Sometimes, I get the feeling I am just one ceramic cartoon statue that says “I WUV YOU” away from being on an episode myself. And while I don’t think I’ll end up like the lady in the “pickle episode“, there are days I feel my “stuff” is closing in on me. Sort of like that famous trash compactor scene in Star Wars.

I know I have some little “hoarding” habits.  Thankfully, its for vintage things and not used napkins or old shaving cream cans. Thankfully, as well, I also have a threshold of clutter discomfort which shows when I finally yell “ENOUGH!” and do an epic- size clean-up of my house (see this post for proof).

But, nevertheless, I still buy things I really don’t need. There are definitely things that I really should NOT pick up anymore.  And while some of these things are for my inventory, honestly, a lot is for me. These things include: vintage pillowcases (embroidered or  pretty roses), pretty vintage sheets, vintage colorful tablecloths, craft patterns (of any kind), rusty garden art, enamelware, and vintage Christmas decor.  I can’t help it. They “call” to me when I’m walking past…”Hey, lady with the flip-flops….over here. Don’t leave me here in this bin! Look at my price…you neeeeeed me. Oh…and I like your hair today.” That last part is what sells me…the stuff knows how to work it.

What about you? Do you collect things even though you have enough of them already?

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4 Responses to I’m in a pickle.

  1. Shara says:

    I collect way too many things! Actually been going through everything as of late & scaling down. Too much stuff…

  2. shannon says:

    Are you kidding? You should see my vintage buttons. Hubby gives me the raised eyebrow when I bring home more.
    But come on…buttons!!!!
    At least I sell some sometimes. 🙂

  3. At least watching the marathon this weekend made my husband realize that I’m not a hoarder, which is what he’s been calling me lately. I had to stop watching after the cat carcasses were found, though. That was way too much for me.

  4. latenightcoffee says:

    It feels good to be in the “like” company of others…and I’m scaling down daily here as well.
    I love vintage buttons too! I have a bag or two around here somewhere..:)
    And you are right…when they find animal remains….its a little much.

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