I remember every Halloween, my dad would stand at the top of the stairs and announce he was going into the basement and retrieving our Halloween decorations. With all the fanfare of a parade, he would march back up the stairs with decorations in hand…. all two of them.

Those two jointed, cardboard Beistle skeletons would be ceremoniously put up on the front door. When I was little, the skeletons creeped me out, I didn’t even want to look at them. As I got older that changed. It then became a challenge to my family , as you came through the front door, to figure out clever (and often inappropriate) ways to maneuver the skeletons arms and legs. I’m sure the neighbors enjoyed that annual show.

Wish I had those skeletons now. They were made by Beistle and are quite collectible. In fact, many vintage cardboard decorations from the 40’s-70’s made by this company are in demand. If you grew up in the 60’s and 70’s you might even remember a lot of them hanging in your house or on the walls in your classroom.

This is a GREAT time to look for them in thrift stores as they are putting out their Halloween items now.  Just a note: They have been making reproductions of these, so check them out carefully. Take a look on Ebay for what items are selling best.

And here’s a great website with some more examples and information on these Halloween decorations…really interesting!

Visit Super Stinky Boys for great ideas for Halloween!

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    How cool! Thanks for linking up to The Halloween Scene at SSB!

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