“You just gotta show up”…and this week’s haul.

This little guy inspired my title.

Last night I was in the midst of listing a ton of stuff, when I looked on the window screen by my computer. It was pitch black outside. This little lizard was by himself gulping down all the bugs that were being drawn to the screen by my lamp.  I thought “Good for you little guy!”.  Here he was having a feast when all the other lizards were probably sleeping .  He “showed up” and was rewarded.

Sometimes that all you have to do in the resell world. Just get out there. Show up. Do a “check in”. Stop at that sale you might have passed up. Get up an hour earlier to go to garage sales. Be…the..lizard.

Okay…enough of the Aesop’s Fables…here’s this week’s haul. It was definitely an eclectic week.

Interestingly, these vintage bird Christmas lights were passed over by a woman who was grabbing every good thing at an estate sale. They are both made in Italy and have sparkly mica on them.They ended up being 50 cents a box and are probably worth $80.00 or more a box. The bottom box is mint in the original box and each bird is still attached to the box with labels. Whoo-hoo! AND…both strands work!

I went to another sale where there was a lot of high end hiking equipment and clothing. I decided to take a chance. I ended up with a couple of backpacks and some name brand hiking/outdoor clothes.  The Kelty backpack I bought for $10.00 sold within 24 hours of putting it on Ebay for $45.00. I also got this lot of Columbia hiking shorts for 1.00 a piece.

I picked up a ton of Halloween costumes (they are out there folks!) this week at thrift stores…some really great ones!

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a good week if I didn’t find some great books. And this week was no exception.

I picked up this Eyvind Earle exhibition book for 2.00….worth close to $200.00. And the Earthdogs book ($1.00) is about terrier/Dachshund den trial training (yeah..I know…it was new to me too)…worth around $100.00. And the Scrimshaw and Ivory-Working book was hidden under a bunch of cookbooks at a community yard sale. It was 50 cents. Worth around $80.00.

And finally this “Nightmare Before Christmas” tie…$1.00 at a thrift store…worth around $25.00.

Fun stuff!

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