My haul this week…interesting.

I got some pretty nifty things this week. Not a lot of stuff. But the most interesting part of my thrifting adventures was HOW I found my stuff. Most notably…the books.

Early in the week, I did a “check-in” at a nearby thrift store because I needed to go to the dollar store next door.

Normally, this thrift store puts ridiculously high prices on anything that looks slightly valuable. I guess Eleanor in the back was chit-chatting when she priced this book at $2.00.  It’s worth around $75.00.

I had already scoured the book section at another thrift store (later in the week) and couldn’t find anything…so I started my other in-store searches. I found these two books hiding  in the “beauty section” of the store. Not great books…but worth more than the 50 cents I paid for them. Silly books…trying to hide from me.

These books by far had the best story. I went out Saturday morning to garage sales. Not having much luck, I decided to head home and passed one of my favorite haunts. I wasn’t going to stop because I had been there already this week…but..well..what if?…..yeah, you know the rest.  So I go in and I’m looking around…find a Care Bear costume (score!) and notice the workers are carrying out a LOAD of books to their little free section outside. Their free section usually has broken toys and used hair curlers…real junk. I asked if those books were free and they said yes. They just didn’t have room for them. Huh? Didn’t have room? Let me see ’em!  So they brought out about a hundred books. Most technical…some history…really cool stuff.  I took about 30 I thought were interesting….No one was even interested in them as they walked in.  About 15 of my books were worth over $20.00 a piece. But the two pictured above…one is worth about $150.00 and the other $80.00.  They are definitely “books that look like nothing“. And I imagine a good substitute if you are out of Ambien.

So those were my interesting finds. Also found a vintage “Mario Brothers” twin sheet set, 6 Halloween costumes, some more uncut wedding gown patterns, a painting/chalkboard easel for my son, and a 1945 military yearbook.

Make sure you come back on Friday for “Flippin’ Friday”. This week, one lucky commenter will WIN a custom felted doll (you decide what she makes) from Sarah’s Plain and Small Creations.  How ’bout that??

Fun week..whoo-hoo! Monday check-in with Apron Thrift Girl ‘s blog as she hosts her weekly “thrift finds” party!

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5 Responses to My haul this week…interesting.

  1. shannon says:

    I have too many questions…I’m gonna have to email ya!

  2. Cathy says:

    That’s great! Thanks to you I now feel like I’m passing up a gold mine in the thrift store book section, but I don’t know what I’m look!ing at

  3. latenightcoffee says:

    I’m not going to lie…books can be “sitting gold”…but it did take me at least a year (or more) of good hard research and a ton of books sitting around my house that didn’t sell before I could find the good ones easily.

    I used the book category on Ebay back then as my research tool and still do to this day.

    And the nice thing is…you can always jot down a title you think is good and come back later. I’ve done that a lot. Books don’t usually move as fast out of a store.

    You can always email problem.

  4. Alyssa says:

    Score! I attended two library book sales over the weeked and couldn’t help but be seriously annoyed by SEVERAL people carrying around the little hand-held scanners (not sure what they’re called but Im sure you know what I mean). They were really taking all of the fun out of the “thrill of the hunt!” Apologies if you use one of the scanners, but boy oh boy were these folks a nuasance!

    • latenightcoffee says:

      No apologies necessary…don’t use ’em. I have no problem with people who do as long as they are considerate…or don’t mind a quick elbow to the ribs. 🙂

      Hope you got some fun stuff at your book sales! Thanks for writing!

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