When Good Junk goes Bad..

It’s inevitable that it will happen. It does to all of us. Picking up items you think are totally awesome…only to find out that they are real duds. (cue the Let’s Make a Deal “Wah-wah…wahhhhhhhhhh!” music here).

Guaranteed, there is a section in every thrifter’s home that is FILLED with these darlings. They may have different names like “garage sale stuff” or “thrift store donations” or “kindling”…..but its all the same. Mistakes. And I’m no exception.

Oh sure…my blog is filled with successes. Of course it is. I imagine my readership would drop to zero if I constantly headlined each article with “Another Piece of Junk”, “What Have I Done Again?”, or “I Wonder if The Gap is Hiring?”.  But trust me…I have a pile in my garage.

And because I’m feeling more thick-skinned than usual…lets take a look at some of my more recent blunders:

Okay. I have no idea why I did this. BEYOND impulsive….even for me.  This thing was at a garage sale and someone said “Seriously? Only $30.00?”…Well, my head whipped around to see what they were talking about. Five minutes later I’m loading this bad boy into my car. 10 minutes later I’m loading this bad boy into my garage…where it still sits.  In that 10 minute ride I was able to go from “I could totally sell that on Craigslist” to “I wish I had my $30.00 back”.

Here’s some more. Each of these stacks are books I thought were awesomely cool. Most from this past spring/summer.  Now, I don’t pay more than $1.00 or $2.00 for the books….but as you can see…it adds up when you have a lot of “eh-eh’s”. Luckily…I can usually get my money back for these at my garage sales. (And thankfully most of these sold at my garage sale two weeks ago).

And these things. This is my BIG downfall. Potential projects. I…have..got..to..stop..buying…these. Rusty things. Things that need painting. And those darn vintage suitcases.  I buy. They sit. And sit. And sit. Oh sure. I envision myself fixing them up and selling them. It just never happens. Okay..that pet carrier isn’t a project. But it was also a mistake. I should have known better when I adopted my “Clifford” puppy….

So…I hope this makes you feel better. Mistakes happen…daily.  Still think you are the only one? Well here’s two AWESOME articles by two AWESOME bloggers who have written about the same thing.

Vintage Rescue tells the tale of trying to rid herself of these things…really great story! (And truth be told…I would love some of her mistakes)

And Thrift Away tells us about one of her recent purchases for resell. We’ve ALL been there….

See…don’t you feel better now? If you have any mistakes  you would like to purge from your mind…share them in the comments…you’re safe here.

And you can feel  even better this Friday! Let’s share those success stories right here on “Flippin’ Friday”! This week, one lucky commenter will WIN a custom felted doll (you decide what she makes) from Sarah’s Plain and Small Creations. Whoo-hoo!

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3 Responses to When Good Junk goes Bad..

  1. Hi there – just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading your posts. So interesting to see thrifing from the perspective of somebody overseas from me. Loved this post – we’ve all done it, haven’t we?! I did a similar post about a year ago, and it still make me laugh thinking of the things I’ve bought in the past that have been hopeless for resale!

    • latenightcoffee says:

      Thanks for visiting! I think we all share a common thread of disappointment in some of our finds…:) It’s good when we can laugh..and not cry.

  2. DogsMom says:

    I am supposed to be doing some organizing and I can’t tear myself away from reading your blog today. I haven’t visited in too long.
    How did I not know about Flippin’ Friday???

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