Whew…what a week!

It started out a normal week. Errands. Kid stuff. Thrift stores. But ended with the whole house in one, big reorganizing mess. I mean  BIG mess.

It all started with THE desk.  The beautiful partners desk I had been coveting for the last two weeks when I first saw it in the thrift store. It was painted a pale shabby green. It had glass knobs and two matching chairs. But it was marked $300.00.  Ugh…too much. Well…I ended up back at that thrift store on Wednesday during an afternoon of fun.  I thought “If it’s still there…its meant to be….mine.”  It WAS still there and better yet….IT..WAS…1/2 OFF….FURNITURE DAY!!!

Unfortunately….I had to rearrange the whole house to get this baby in…but where there’s a will….there’s a way.  And what I thought would take 1-2 days of reorganizing…morphed into 4 days of it.  But its done…..I have my wonderful BIG desk…which I can’t use as a real partners desk until I get my mansion someday….but I LOVE IT.  It just needs some stripping of pictures/decoupage on top…but its really good to go.

Of course, I needed a break from all that organizing..so my son and I went to a book sale late Friday afternoon.  Many lessons in this visit. First lesson…why I don’t use a scanner. These books on the right were just a few of the ones I picked up…LATE in the book sale….and in a room full of people with scanners. These books were $1.00 piece and are worth in total….$600.00.  Second lesson: All of these were right out in plain view…with the exception of the three gold gilded  lettered ones.  They were in hidden in an excess inventory box under the table.  Now…normally when there are books in a box..its “book sale” etiquette to inquire if they are someone’s books they are holding. I asked..and they weren’t. These beauties were in a box of “health and beauty” books…which I thought was odd…but you never know.  Third lesson: Take a chance. There is one book in that stack worth $175.00. Can you guess which one?  It’s one I stepped outside my “expertise” on…took a chance. Why?  Because it was history, it was THICK, and it just seemed worthy enough of a “chance”. The book is….”New Deal Justice: The Life of Stanley Reed of Kentucky”.   Honestly…I have no idea why the book is that much except that it is scarce.  I’ll have to do more research to find out.  Good gamble though for a buck.

The other cool thing I found was a pair of Disney Chip n’ Dale costumes at a Goodwill. I found one on one rack…and the other two racks over. They were in great condition.   I have them on an auction now.

All in all a good week…..I’ll just be gulping Advil for the next couple days.

Good thrifting to you!

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15 Responses to Whew…what a week!

  1. Angela says:

    Love your new desk! Awesome score on the books…I’m so glad you talked me out of buying a scanner. I’ve found a few recently too- after the people with scanners have already been through the stacks. Thanks!

  2. Kathleen says:

    I love the desk too. So glad you scored it!

  3. Van says:

    Chip ‘N Dale costumes! Cuuuute! And beautiful desk! I love the stacks of books, makes the workspace cozy!

    • latenightcoffee says:

      Thanks! Those stacks of books are inventory taunting me to list….I put them there to remind me how much I need to get done in the next few weeks..:)

  4. dogsmom says:

    You and I couuld go book hunting together. I would not have picked up those titles, well maybe the history of shrimp. So very happy how it turned out for you.

  5. dogsmom says:

    Meant to tell you how much I love the desk, but even more the stacks of magazines piled next to it. THAT is so me.

  6. two sisters says:

    love the chip and dale! thanks for sharing your finds

  7. Alyssa says:

    I adore that desk! Partner desks are very cool, and I look forward to a day when I have a room large enough to use both sides of one, too. I know next to nothing about picking books for sale, but congratulations on your finds! Do you have any posts you’ve done on how you choose, etc.?

    • latenightcoffee says:

      Thanks! I have some bookselling tips on the right hand side of my blog. I have 12 posts so far that have some tips and links to good sites for info as well. Hope this helps!

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