Make money in your sleep….

Vintage t.v. and movie/novelty linens are really great sellers.   Look for cartoons/characters from the 80’s and older…they do the best.  And if you find a sheet set still in the package (and they are out there),they are definitely worth quite a bit. Be sure to look for them in dressers/drawers/closets of estate sales.  Some of the themes that do well: Mario Brothers, McDonald’s,  Barbie, Pokeman, Snoopy, Peanuts,Dukes of Hazzard, Rainbow Brite, Smurfs, Star Wars….just to name a few. The more obscure the show or product…the more it can be worth! Always check sheets for holes, rips, and stains.  Sheets with flaws can  be marketed as fabric.

Want to see what treasures people found this past week? Go to Apron Thrift Girl’s Blog for fun stuff found ’round the country!

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4 Responses to Make money in your sleep….

  1. Linda says:

    I had that Charlie Brown sheet set and kept the pillowcase long after the sheets had disintegrated! Oh how I wish I could go back in time with this knowledge

  2. DogsMom says:

    Where do you suggest getting the best price for these sheets? An auction site or a vintage site where you set the price. Where would more people be looking for them?
    I was a mom who bought character sheets (transformers, sesame street, peanuts, etc) and when they were outgrown I carefully packed them away.

    • latenightcoffee says:

      I like Ebay….I’ve got a stack of vintage sheets I’m going to put on as auctions in the coming weeks. I have an Etsy account…like that site…but I like a quick nickel…and with the holidays….people(parents, college students, artsy people,collectors) will love those kind of sheets for gifts and crafts.

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