It’s Flippin’ Friday! #6

Wow! We had some really fantastic stories last week! Vintage jewelry, WWII Japanese Signed Combat Flags,  Famous Photographer’s books,  King’s Crown Wine Glasses, Precious Moments, Franciscan Dinnerware, and vintage Beistle Halloween decorations were the treasures that had been found in various locations. GREAT stuff!

Have a great “flip” story?  Share it in the comment section below…we LOVE to read them!

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4 Responses to It’s Flippin’ Friday! #6

  1. latenightcoffee says:

    Okay…I’ll get the ball rolling today:)

    This was a while ago,but its fun all the same…and still could be replayed.

    I was at an auction house that held auctions weekly in a more rural area of Kansas. I would go there each week as they had a lot of pretty cool stuff. What I liked about the bidders at this auction is that they NEVER seemed interested in the more retro looking furniture. You could literally get retro mid century couches for $5.00 or less!

    Anway..this one night I noticed this really cool vintage wine bar with two stools. It was made of hammered aluminum and screamed “1940’s Retro”! Well…I didn’t know what the bidders would think because it was so darn cool looking. Obviously…they didn’t think much of it. I got it for $75.00…I sold it the next week from my antique booth for $1000.00 to an art museum for their lobby. Whoo-hoo!

  2. Jessica says:

    My turn for vintage jewelry. It’s not a huge amount, but I was pleased because I know nothing about the subject.

    I was at an estate sale near the end and there wasn’t much left but prices were low. I grabbed a few little things that didn’t amount to anything and on my way out glanced at the jewelry. There was an owl brooch that I picked up because I know owl motifs are popular lately. It was 50 cents, why not, right?

    When I got home I saw that the back was marked SWO, Inc which is the mark for swoboda jewelry, popular costume jewelry in Hollywood in the 60s. He used semi-precious stones, jade, pearls, coral, but only heavy gold-plated metal. Mine was in pretty bad shape, much of the gold-plate was rubbed off, but all the stones were there and the pin still worked. I took great pictures, documented it well, and listed it.

    It sold for over $20, not bad for what I paid. Shipped and off he goes. He was a little cutie though.

  3. Lynne says:

    My item just flipped. Went garage saleing last Friday and this garage sale had wonderful prices on everything. She had some Hallmark ornaments but they were a lot of the same ones. 25 cents a piece. I bought two – I collect some of the Hallmark ornaments and have found that they usually don’t sell for that much. I would rather hang onto them. Well I researched these ornaments that evening and one was selling for 99 cents and the other one get this was sold at the last auction for $70.00. It was the 2004 Hallmark Santa’s of the World Ornmanent Italy. Listed mine immediately. Auction just finished up sold for $69.00. My friend bought one of the same ornaments too and she has decided she is not attached to hers either. Going to list it for her. Wish I would have bought the other seven just like it. Checked the next day with this lady and she had sold all of them. I guess I need to get my Blackberry out when I do find a new Hallmark ornament and do the research right then and there!!!

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