I made it five days….

This past week I took a “junk break”. I think it was due to the massive cleanup I did last week to my house.  I truly had no desire to see more “stuff” for awhile.

Well….that lasted five days. Which for me is a record. No thrift stores, no garage sales…no…..What? Wait!…..Is that an estate sale right there?

I was on errands yesterday…and saw the sign.  So I had to stop. Figured..eh…its late..probably nothing there. Once again….very wrong.

This was a REALLY cool estate sale…lots of really great art….antiques….Harley stuff….and of course….BOOKS!!!!  A whole wall of them.  Evidentally, the man (who had passed away) was a battleship fanatic.  There were tons of them.

BUT…the ones that caught my eye weren’t the battleship themed books (they can be hit or miss)…but the YEARBOOKS that were still there after the crowd had left. I got 5 yearbooks…including one from Georgetown Univerity 1975. (That particular yearbook has Frank McCort in it. He’s the owner of the LA Dodgers  embattled in a bitter divorce from his wife right now.)  PLUS….I nabbed two vintage Beatles books from the 60’s/70’s (they were hidden on top shelf)….two catalogues on Turkish carpets….and a few other nifty ones.All total…these books I got for $24.00 are worth around $700.00.  UPDATE 10/17:  I listed one of the yearbooks (from the Marshall Islands) that I got here on Sunday and it sold for $65.00 within 8 hours.

This estate sale started at 9:00 am and I got there around 10:30. So there you go.  PLUS….in the garage ( you know how I feel about garages in estate sales) were two boxes of untouched Christmas stuff.  After pulling out massive amounts of garland…I found these retro ornaments…Whoo-hoo! 25 cents each and in great condition!  It pays to dig!

Okay…so maybe a little  “taste” of stuff didn’t hurt my junk diet.

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3 Responses to I made it five days….

  1. Alyssa says:

    Because of your post (well, and because I loved it) I just picked up a 1930 W&M Colonial Echo yearbook. I’m seriously considering listing it somewhere. Is eBay the best way to go with a yearbook?

    The ornaments are great. I’d love to have a tree decorated with only vintage ornaments one year.

    • latenightcoffee says:

      Glad to hear of your find! I like Ebay for yearbooks because you can market it to many different kinds of interests(city history,county history, state history, genealogy, vintage advertisements, fashion, famous people, reunions, reunion planning,etc). I put my yearbooks on BUY IT NOW because it can sometimes take a little time for the right buyer to come along.

      🙂 I like those ornaments too!

  2. Laurie says:

    It does pay to dig! Congrats on your great eBay sale!

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