Oh yeah…and another thing.

I know some of these bookselling tips are coming here and there. I think I’ve been doing this so long that I don’t think about what I’m doing…I just do it. Kinda like tying your shoe.

But this weekend I thought “Oh…that’s something to share that is helpful”.  So here’s another bookselling morsel that I just remembered.

Okay…here’s some facts. The World Wide Web launched in 1991. Ebay and Amazon launched in 1995.  Why are these facts/dates important for bookselling?

These dates changed the way book publishers did business. Book markets were opened and grew bigger with the internet and then with the selling sites. Thus…most of time, more copies of each book were published.

So…what does this mean?  Basically…and this is just a rule of thumb…not a hard and fast guarantee….if you find an interesting, good book with a unique subject that was published before 1995..you have a better chance of it being worth something as it may have not been “mass produced” for the internet. That’s not to say it didn’t go through more printings later….but again..those first printings sometimes have more value.

And that’s not to say that books published after 1995 are not valuable… I’ve had several that have had only one printing, thus limiting its availability and increasing its value.

So….when I see a “newer” looking book…I check the copyright date.  If it passes all the other “checkpoints” I have…then I get it.

Just another tool for bookselling….. 🙂

Hope your week starts off great! And to make sure of that….take a “look see” at all the fun things people found this past week on Apron Thrift Girl’s Blog!

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9 Responses to Oh yeah…and another thing.

  1. Cathy says:

    Thanks for the tip!
    Do really old copies of novels like To Kill a Mockingbird and Mark Twain books have any value? Or not because there so many since they were high school english class books? My mom has a bookcase full of these. Thanks!

    • latenightcoffee says:

      The first editions, first printings, and signed versions of these books do well. Also, any collector’s editions (leatherbound or limited editions” can also be worth more.

      Sometimes selling “classics” in a lot can be of value to teachers or homeschoolers.

      But before disregarding any…look them up. I have been known to be wrong :).

  2. Leah says:

    Are your other book buying checkpoints listed in your blog somewhere? Also, I wondered if you use the book scanners and if so, what brand with which phone or PDA? Thank you, again, for sharing from your wealth of experience! Leah 🙂

    • Leah says:

      Oh, and thanks so much for listing my blog in your blogs list! I so appreciate it. 🙂

    • latenightcoffee says:

      On the right hand side is a section called “Bookselling Tips”….just click on that and it will take you to all the posts I have made on bookselling thus far.

      I don’t use a scanner..got all the info in my melon….so I don’t know about them or even the brands. I think instinct can work better and faster than scanners..that’s my own humble opinion. I know a lot of people use scanners…

      And thank you for reading Leah! Always nice to see your comments!

  3. Alyssa says:

    Another great thing to think of. I’ve not been doing any actual book hunting, other than for my own interest. But now I’ve got my eyes peeled for great books, too. I’m off to check out more of your book hunting posts, because I just found some really great ones this past weekend.

  4. dogsmom says:

    Since I am a lot older than the internet, I tend to look for books that were from my childhood or are a lot older than me.
    Good to know there are other more significant dates to guide me.

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