There’s still a “ghost” of a chance to find some…

While most VHS tapes are starting to take up some serious landfill space at the moment….there is a segment of them that still can be collectible.  Campy and obscure horror films!

Think zombies, mutants, bizarre aliens, and scary clowns….the more “out there”…the better chance they are worth something. And they appear to sell throughout the year…not just during the Halloween season.

I’m not sure how long this trend will last…perhaps until the last VHS  machines clonk out…so start digging through those last boxes  of them before they disappeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!


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3 Responses to There’s still a “ghost” of a chance to find some…

  1. Really? How funny! Thanks for the info.

  2. Jenn says:

    Some of the DVDs are worth a little money too, especially since companies have stopped making them. I bought a box set of the Sleepaway Camp movies cheap and sold them for way more than I paid. Turns out that the Red Cross sued to have that set taken off the market, because it had the cross on the front! The old horror flicks from Something Weird are worth a little too.

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