It’s Flippin’ Friday! #7

Is it really Friday already? Wow…that went fast!

Okay…let’s see…last week we had stories about Hallmark ornaments, Swoboda jewelry, and a retro wine bar set…eclectic mix of great finds!

What will we have this week? Please share any “fun flip” you have had with us in the comment section below. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about items we didn’t even know about!

In fact….last week when I read the story about the Hallmark Santa ornament, I got really excited because I thought I had seen one at an estate sale I had been to the day before. I went back to the sale and they had just about every other Hallmark Santa Claus ornament…but not the one mentioned.  Oh well. But I sure will keep my eyes open now for the one described. I totally love learning about new things!

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10 Responses to It’s Flippin’ Friday! #7

  1. Carla says:

    I found a box of old Transformers parts and pieces from the 80’s including the little instruction booklets that told you how to manipulate the toys and ‘transform’ them. There weren’t even any whole toys, just pieces and accessories, and those 5 or 6 little instruction booklets. I paid $1 and sold them for $46.00. Sweet!

  2. Jessica says:

    I bought a cashmere sweater at a garage sale for $1, in perfect condition like it was never worn, XL Talbots beautiful blue color. I listed it for $9.99 and it got bid up to $35! Paid for and shipped off.

    Cashmere is big right now (or always?) I’m always looking for cashmere now.

  3. Alyssa says:

    I ReSell clothing on eBay, and was lucky enough to find a Tahari jacket for $1 at a sale. I resold it and it went for $37!

  4. sraikh says:

    I bought new Boo doll with little Mikey for $3.99. And she sold for $79.. Woohoo.

  5. Lynne says:

    I bought a paint by number spring spaniel dog picture without frame and really not in the greatest of condition for 25 cents. Sold it for $38.00. Also bought a lot of 30 paint by number pictures at a yard sale for a $1.00 – some old and some not. My friend that was with me looked at me like I was crazy. They all ended up selling for various prices on ebay. $4.95 to $20.00. Pretty good for a $1.00 investment. Always on the lookout for these paintings. Animals and landscapes seem to do the best.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Halsam American Plastic Bricks by Elgo (not Lego altho they are a similar type building block toy) are always a great flip. I pick them up whenever I find them and save until I have a nice lot to sell. The first bag I ever picked up (didn’t know what they were but took a gamble) was approx. 700 pieces for $2 and it sold for $70. The next time I found a canister at an antique sale for $15 (they gave it to me for $10) and that sold for $76. There are a few reviews and guides on eBay that helped me identify the year they were manufactured and learn more about them. My quick flip lesson on these are to include ALL of the pieces (even broken ones! but just be sure to mention) as it’s my understanding that collectors are able to utilize them.

  7. latenightcoffee says:

    THESE ARE GREAT!!!! Good stuff!

    I’ll join in…let’s see. Okay…one time on the last day of an estate sale I was meandering around this very picked over house. I went over to the books (naturally) and notice wedged in some not so great titles was a program for a blues festival that had taken place in the late 60s/early 70s?..can’t remember the exact dates..anyway…..I opened it up and it was signed by Dizzy Gillespie and a guy…who I had never heard of…Thelonious Monk. I know that name now. Sold that program for around $100.00 that same week…the guy was beside himself…evidentally ol’ Thelonious did not sign many things…so his signature is very sought after. That was ten years ago…I paid a buck for that program….I cringe at the price his signature brings now.

  8. Jessica says:

    My husband is in shock right now. He plays trombone and loves jazz. When I told him that you found a program with Dizzys’ and Thelenios’ signatures he just went into a lecture about how they are the founders of a jazz movement and invented a whole new scale for it, etc. He is a fan to say the least and if I would have found that, we would be keeping it!

    I don’t think I even would have picked up an old program to look at it. I will be now! Wow. That is incredible.

    He said it would have sold really well in Europe. You know, for the next time you pick up something with famous jazz musician signatures on it. 😉

    • latenightcoffee says:

      How funny! Yeah…I’ve caught a lot of flack through the years when I’ve told that story…I’m just not into music so while I had heard of Dizzy…Mr. Monk was a question mark for me back then. I’ll keep my eyes out for another one for you guys…:)

      Yeah…definitely look at old programs. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve opened them and had autographs/signatures in them. Mystery autographs are fun to find…In fact….late at a garage sale a couple years ago, my husband and I were looking at this very small amount of stuff on a card table. I picked up a framed autograph….just a 4×6 signature written in pen on the bottom of a menu….couldn’t tell who’s it was….asked who it was…the owner didn’t know…asked how much…it was a couple bucks..something cheap….my husband was practically skipping to the car….he thought he had a pretty good idea who it was….and he was right. Michael Jordan. It says “My Very Best, Michael Jordan” on the bottom section of a Chicago area restaurant’s menu. We have that one hanging on our wall. You never know.

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