“On your mark…get set….”

Photo courtesy of Fun.FamilyEducation.com

Next week begins the “7-week selling sprint” into the holidays….are you ready?

As a guideline, you can use the following questions to determine which of your items have a greater chance of selling.

1) Can it be used for a holiday party?

2) Can it be worn for holiday pictures?

3) Can it be used to occupy children during a holiday break or long car trip?

4) Can it be used for out-of- town guests?

5) Can it be given as a gift?

6) Can it be used as holiday decor?

7) Can it survive a busy postal delivery season without getting broken?

8 ) Can it be used for colder weather?

9) Can it be used for holiday crafts?

10) Can it be used for cooking?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the above questions, chances are you have a good item to try and sell in the coming weeks.

Good luck…and happy selling!

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