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#1 in the "Frosty Friends" Hallmark Ornament Series

It’s so tempting to pick up those Hallmark ornaments, isn’t it? Well, here is one to DEFINITELY pick up.  Its the first one in a series called “Frosty Friends” and was made in 1980.  Currently, this particular ornament is going between $180.00 to $420.00 depending on whether it has its original box.  It features a little Eskimo child and polar bear holding books?/christmas carol booklets? and is dated 1980 on the actual ornament.

Hallmark ornaments can be hit or miss. If you can get a whole set or a lot of a series (Wizard of Oz, Star Trek, etc) for a good price…that’s a good thing! It pays to do some research on the individual ornaments.

Here’s a Flippin Friday story about another individual ornament to look for when you are out there hunting. (It’s in the comment section).

And be sure to come back tomorrow for Flippin’ Friday….one lucky commenter will win the crazy magazine featured in this post….whoo-hoo! Start thinking of those great “flip” stories!

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