It’s Flippin’ Friday! #8

It’s Friday and you know what that means! FUN “flip” stories!

Last week we had some incredible stories about Transformer toys (and pieces), a cashmere sweater, a Tahari jacket, a Boo Doll (from Monsters, Inc.), paint -by -numbers pictures , Halsam American Plastic Bricks by Elgo, and an autographed Blues Festival program. Thank you to everyone who contributed those gems….really, really fun to read!

This week,  one lucky person who shares a flip story will win the “wacky craft” magazine featured in this post!  I know! BEST…PRIZE…EVER!

So…share those stories! Big flips! Small flips! And don’t hesitate to share if you have shared before!

Winner will be chosen from the famous Tupperware bowl by my 3 year old on Saturday morning….before his cartoons.

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6 Responses to It’s Flippin’ Friday! #8

  1. Amy says:

    One of my best flips was a plastic child’s chair from the 60’s, made by Costco in an Eames style. Apparently they are desirable, I just thought it was cute and was going to keep it, for $2.95, I was happy. Then I looked it up on ebay and saw they were selling for 40-100 dollars! I sold mine for 80 to someone in France! That was actually my first “big” flip!
    Love reading these Friday Flip stories!

  2. wendy says:

    I was at a hospital rummage sale not long ago. Everything in this one section (frames, figures and other decor items) was priced at 10 cents! I got an entire box (20 pieces) of monkey pod wooden serving pieces for $2.00 🙂 They are now listed on etsy for $6 to $12 a piece!

    One request: when you put up this week’s Flippin’ Friday, can you provide a link to last week’s? I like to go back and read those and since I go through a reader it would make it infinitely easier on me 🙂

  3. Jessica says:

    I’m happy to share mine this week because it includes a book, but I will give all the background first. 🙂

    A few saturdays ago I saw an ad for a huge craft garage sale sell-off. It was a bit farther from my house than I usually go, but I just had to make it. I’m glad I did because I could not believe it, tables up tables of craft stuff, my weakness. I did try to think what would be good to resell, but also stuff I would like to keep and use if it didn’t sell.

    I got sewing patterns, craft fliers and books, lace, ribbon, and fabric. She had the fabric sealed in excellent condition in zip lock bags! I gathered up 5 shopping bags full fo all kinds of stuff for a total of $22. Didn’t even make a dent in all her stuff! Things from the 60s to the present.

    So far I’ve done $115 in sales from it. And I gave some stuff away to friends and haven’t even begun listing the lace, whole bolts of it. I sold several patterns for around $5 each. Most of the fabric sold, especially the vintage looking stuff, several went to Japan! One crewel embroidery kit for $10 when to Australia.

    But the best for last. I got lots of books and I was disappointed looking up some of the old needlepoint ones didn’t do well on eBay at all. Finally I came to a thin little hardback knitting book called Twined Knitting by Birgitta Dandanell which was published by Interweave Knits in the 80s and is now out of print. It details a folkcraft Swedish knitting technique and has lots of historial pictures and patterns and is desired by people who do re-enactments.

    A part of me wanted to keep the book for the patterns and instruction, but it looked pretty complicated and with the little ones I need to focus on easy and quick projects anyway. And when I looked up the book on Addall and Abebooks and couldn’t find any for sale cheaper than $50 I decided to list it.

    I set a start price of $30 and Buy It Now for $50 and got a bid pretty quick and several watchers. I was kinda hoping it would get bid ridiculously high, but it did go over $40 and it is now paid for and on it’s way. Not bad for something that probably cost about $1 at most!

    That was my excitement for the week.

  4. dogsmom says:

    I don’t have a story to share this week. I’ve received a few awesome things this week free from Craigslist but have not listed or flipped anything this week.

  5. Lynne says:

    I have really been getting into flipping books. So easy to ship and send. Our public library has a small section of 10 cent books that they replenish once a week at random times with books that have been donated and some library copies. I try to go at least once a week. I have done quite well with these books. Flipped one of these 10 cent books for $28.00 called David Hicks on Decoration with Fabric dated 1971. They also put out old magazines. Listed a lot of 8 Make: It magazines and sold them for $34.00! Loving my public library!!!!

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