I always seem to see these 3-D puzzles in the thrift stores and garage sales…some are worth some bucks…others are worth nothing. Two big ones to watch for are the “New York, New York” and the “Venice” puzzles.  Each can go for over $100.00 on Ebay (the more “mint”, the higher the price).

And now the winner of yesterday’s “Flippin’ Friday”…….drumroll, please……………….

It’s JESSICA with the Twined Knitting book and bunch ‘0 craft supplies stories….thank you Jessica! Those craft supplies will come in handy when you make all those crazy crafts from the magazine you won! Congratulations!

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2 Responses to Dooyahavwun?

  1. Jessica says:

    Woo hoo! I can’t wait to decorate those mucus-sucking syrines with my lace from the craft garage sale. 😉

    Seriously, thanks! I’m excited I won!

  2. Isn’t that interesting? We have one 3-D puzzle, but at the moment I can’t even remember what it is!

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