♫♪♪”How Much is That Dogma in the Boxes?”♫♪♪

I decided to check out an estate sale on Friday morning that had advertised some interesting things. As I walked up the driveway, I did my “eagle eye scan” of the items and it indeed looked cool.

What was NOT cool was the person running the sale.

I don’t know if she woke up the wrong side of the bed, if she was just normally caustic, or if she had a cactus in her underwear…but everything that came out of her mouth was rude.

Now usually, I like to avoid situations that make me gulp Kaopectate, but at  sales I just try and stay “under the radar”…I don’t draw attention to myself…I just become the  “Duh…I’m just too darn dumb to know what this here stuff is..” persona.   And with the woman hissing her way through the customers…the crabbier she got…the dumber I got.

Anyway….I find these two big boxes of vintage Masonic books,booklets, and ephemera. Masonic items are very collectible. After thinking what my strategy would be, I pulled a few of the more interesting booklets out.  This woman was way too possessive of her things to negotiate with at this sale. I looked around for a few more minutes and then walked up to the rattlesnake…er…lady in charge.

Her M.O. was to ask each customer “How much will you give me for it?”. I don’t play that game…and was quite ready to walk away if I had to.

The encounter went like this:

Me: How much are these booklets ?

Her: How much do you want to give me?

Me: No…how much do you want for them?

Her: Oh..um..let me see…wow…Hey..I really want to get rid of those boxes of books…You want to take all of them?

Me: (Pause. Stare over at the boxes. Wrinkle my brow) Yeah…maybe.

Her: How much will you give me for them? (I’m not kidding..she asked me again)

Me: No…how much do you want for them?

Her: Oh..I don’t know.. Uh..um..$5.00?.

Me: (Audibly gulping).. YES!.. I mean…yeah..yeah.. I guess I could do something with them.

So that was my big “Junk Drama” for the week. Which was plenty….

Now..as an added bonus today (to make up for the weekend)…here’s some helpful tips for shipping this holiday season.

Here are some shipping tips I’ve learned:

1. Bubble wrap, peanuts, and sturdy boxes are your best buds. Newspaper, plastic bags, and a wish and prayer are not. When in doubt…overprotect.

2. A box within a box. For more delicate breakables, put your item wrapped into a box and place THAT box inside another box that you can add a layer of padding into around the smaller box.

3. Put the recipients address inside the box as well. While you may have thought your address label was secure…the conveyor belt machine didn’t think so.

4.Delivery confirmation. Seriously. You’ll end up spending the same amount on Tylenol with all the “Where’s my package?” questions you’ll get if you don’t use it. The average, calm person turns into a raging worrywart during the holidays….’cause you know..nothing says it’s the holiday season like angst and stress.

5.If you are not printing your postage at home,the best times at the post office during the holidays: 10-11 am and 2-3 pm.  Worst times: Opening hour, Lunch hours and after 4:00 p.m. (If you do indeed find yourself standing in a long line during the “best” times….cursing my name…remember all those OTHER good tips I’ve given)

6. And lastly. If at all possible…AVOID BUYING SHIPPING SUPPLIES FROM RETAIL STORES! It will quickly eat up your sales profits and your Christmas budget.  Visit Packitright.com and talk to Joe. I’ve been working with this company for a long time and they are awesome! Email Joe and see  if he can help cut your shipping supply cost : jbrown@packitright.net (yes..it’s a “net”email…but a “com” website).  Tell him Rebecca from the blog sent you!

Here are the U.S. Postal Service recommended deadlines for shipping:

• Dec. 3 for international priority mail

• Dec. 4 for military APO/FPO priority mail

• Dec. 11 for international express mail

• Dec. 18 for military APO/FPO express mail

• Dec. 21 for domestic priority mail

• Dec. 22 for domestic express mail

I am going to add:

December 8 for Media Mail. And forewarn any recipient that it still might not get there in time. Media Mail is low on the totem pole when it comes to loading the trucks.

Do you have any holiday shipping tips you would like to add?

And be sure to visit Apron Thrift Girl’s blog today…she found some great stuff this week!  And so did a lot of other people!

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7 Responses to ♫♪♪”How Much is That Dogma in the Boxes?”♫♪♪

  1. sue says:

    I was wondering how your post was going to end…I am so happy for you that she folded her fangs and you got what you wanted for a song. Lucky you. I had an awesome time at a local church fair, the type where all the ladies are so happy you are buying their stuff. However, if I don’t start selling my stuff fast, I will be sleeping in my car. Or else, the next episode of, Hoarders will be filmed here.
    Your are just too good to your followers with your tips. I am printing out this post and need to get cracking and make some money…instead of talking about it. Do you have any dynamite to send my way?

  2. Van says:

    Thank you for sharing your junking drama; hilarious. I hate it when they put us on the spot like that!

    AND thank you for the lovely shipping tips. I’m a beginner with this reselling biz, every tip counts! Your box within a box reminded me of Yzma’s side-splitting dialog from The Emperor’s New Groove:

    “I’ll turn him into a flea, yes, a harmless little flea! Then I’ll put that flea inside a box, and then I’ll put that box inside of another box. Then I will mail it to myself. And when it arrives, I’ll SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER! It’s brilliant, brilliant, brilliant I tell you. Genius I Say!”


  3. Alyssa says:

    BTDT! I really cringe when the person holding the sale asks me how much I’ll give them for something. And when I go up and nothing’s priced.

    Thanks so much for all the shipping info today. You’re a wealth of information and I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate it.

  4. Cathy says:

    Good for you for being assertive! Boo to crabby ladies!
    Glad you got a good haul!

  5. dogsmom says:

    When people are like that I often find myself wanting to give a ridiculously low figure. Your approach was far better and I am glad you were rewarded.

  6. latenightcoffee says:

    I’ve run into a recent “briar patch” of these grizzled yard sale people….hope it ends soon.

    I used to play the price game with that question…but have grown weary of it. It always ends the same way.Whatever I say is NOT going to be the right price. Just cut to the chase and tell me what you want and save us both some prime garage sale time.

    Of course..I may in the future do the “I’m writing a number on this piece of paper….” and slide it over to them. Just to shake things up a bit.

    Thanks for stopping by today! It was fun reading your comments!

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