Back in the day…

I’ve been sitting in a sea of bubble wrap, packing tape, and cardboard boxes for the last two days. And as I was grumbling about how much I dislike this portion of the job….I remembered when the ENTIRE process of selling online was a lot more time consuming.

When I first started selling online in the mid-90’s, the supportive technology was just starting to be available to the consumer. And just like with any new technology (think hand-held calculators and laptops)….it certainly wasn’t affordable. Especially the “photo” technology.

So here’s what I remember having to do when I first started:

1. Buy a disposable camera.

2. Take pictures of my “wares” to sell.

3. Get pictures from disposable camera developed.

4. Take pictures to Kinkos and scan each picture.

5. Crop and edit each picture (all the while the Kinko’s money clock was ticking)

6. Save each picture onto a disk.

7. Take disk back home….then start listing my stuff.

I remember finally being able to afford a scanner…so the Kinko’s part was taken out eventually.Then I remember being able to afford a digital camera….so the film development part was taken out. But that initial process was…a…pain.

I imagine someday I’ll think back to my last couple days….and then look at my “Shipping Robot”….and smile.

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6 Responses to Back in the day…

  1. Beth Leintz says:

    Your post about picture taking brought back a wave of nostalgia (some good & some bad) about when I started selling on ebay back in ’98. Remember before paypal- waiting for a check to come, waiting for the check to clear- and then of course, standing in line at the post office.

    • latenightcoffee says:

      Oh yeah…waiting for the checks to clear. And I AM SO grateful for online postage….and so are the people behind me in line. 🙂

  2. nancy says:

    Hi. Love your blog. I’m coming to the St Pete area and was wondering if you can recommend some good thrift stores in your area?

  3. Alyssa says:

    It’s amazing how quickly things change, especially in the case of technology. And there are new things all the time. I’m so thankful that we’ve got so much at our disposal now!

  4. Kari says:

    Holy crap I had forgotten about the checks! How do you ever forget that?! My first scanner was this hand held dilly bob. If you weren’t slow enough it would stretch the picture out. I remember before eBay when you sold on AOL or a antique magazine. I kinda miss the toy catalog. I met some of the coolest people in that. The excitement of your phone ringing after the magazine was delivered. Oh! The toy auctions were you tried to call in… what memories!

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