It’s Flippin’ Friday! #11 (and a BONUS!)

It’s Flippin’ Friday again! Yay! Last Friday, we had some great stories about a Ralph Lauren jacket, Tangerine Sour Altoids, 60’s flashcards, Obermeyer snow pants, and Howard Johnson posters.

Let’s get some more good ones today! We all learn from them! Just put your “flip story” in the comment section below!

And as an added bonus (for my lack of posts this week)…here is a bit of “amateur selling psychology” for next week to help with your sales. Not scientific….just experience.

Here is my breakdown of who will be buying next week…and why.

Wednesday night-College students /young adults home for the holidays.

Thursday night-Women who had Thanksgiving dinner elsewhere and are now home wanting to shop early.

Friday (all day)– People in rural areas, have inclement weather, or that just don’t like to battle the Christmas crowds on this day.

Saturday (all day)-People who did not find what they wanted to on Friday. Also see Friday’s kind of people.

Sunday-People who are watching football and shopping and who want to get it done before all the “good stuff” is gone.

Monday-People sitting in offices who wish it was still Thanksgiving break and want to stay in the holiday mood by doing a bit of shopping.

Hope this helps! Good luck and hope you have a nice start to your holidays!

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8 Responses to It’s Flippin’ Friday! #11 (and a BONUS!)

  1. shannon says:

    Ok, I just sold this shirt…so it’s fresh in my mind for flippin’ Friday! Not very interesting. Just a men’s shirt by Robert Graham. Covered with music notes motif and embroidered microphones.
    Paid: 3.79
    Sold: 60.00
    So another great brand to look for!!
    ~Robert Graham~

  2. Jessica says:

    A few years back I was into rubber stamping and had several sets and loose ones stuck away on a shelf I never used. This is mainly the reason I signed up with a seller account on eBay, I was ready to get rid of them but didn’t want to just give them away since I did feel bad about they money I spent on them.

    I’m really surprised at the value they held, even the used ones. I got rid of several of the Stampin’ Up sets for much more than I expected (while still less than I paid, I’m sure.) Those are sold at home parties only and many were discontinued, so that made sense to me.

    But last week I was continuing to clear out some loose ones I had from various craft stores and again I was surprised that most of them sold. No huge winners, but it’s nice to make some spending money from something I had that I was ready to get rid of.

    So now although I was getting rid of them, I do look for them thrifting. 😉 I found one with a Native American theme I bought for 25 or 50 cents and sold for $6. I think while the hot phase with rubber stamping is over and I noticed most Michaels have stopped or sell much less of them, I guess there are still people collecting!

    If you find rubber stamps while thrifting, try to only get “clean” ones, ones that aren’t dirty with black ink everywhere especially all over the rubber design. People might want to use them for different colored ink and don’t want black ink residue bleeding.

    They are so easy to store, list, and ship!

  3. The upcoming holiday season reminded me of this flip–one of the fastest ever. Every year we have an open house just before Christmas, and the morning of the party last year I had to make a run to the grocery store. On the way I passed a little yard sale, where I picked up a vintage tablecloth for a quarter. Later at the party I mentioned to one of the guests about finding it, and she said she collects them, loved it, and paid me ten bucks for it. I don’t normally sell to my guests, but we were both happy with the deal, and I’m always happy to make 3900% on an investment!

  4. Lynne says:

    I like flipping cookbooks. I am always on the lookout for the red cover Betty Crocker cookbook. I understand that the one that has the red pie shape on the front does the best but I have done quite well with the later edition that has a square with food on the front cover. I pick these up at yard sales for 25 to 50 cents and always make anywhere from $12.00 to $20.00. Also Cook’s Illustrated magazines and their yearly book that combines all the magazines for that year does quite well too. I flipped three of these books the other day – paid $1.50 for all three and sold each one for $9.95. I love reading everyone’s flips. It gives me new things to look for when I go to yard sales!!!

  5. dogsmom says:

    I love your psychological take on the coming week’s shopping habits.
    I am not much of an online shopper (yet) but wanting to resell I know it is a good idea to figure out the buyer’s mind.
    It is always fun to hear a good flip story, or even just to find out a $1 or less buy is actually worth the big dollars.

  6. latenightcoffee says:

    Great stuff to read this week! Love it!!! Thanks for sharing everyone!

  7. My best seller this week was a Sisley Eau du Soir perfume giftset which I bought for £2.50 and sold for £107. I didn’t even know the brand when I picked it up, I just liked the design on the box!

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