I’m back from a much needed break. I’ve been a “listing fool” for the last two months….and now I’ve returned.

After dealing with  pretty dismal Christmas seasons the last two years , this year appears to be making up for lost time in terms of holiday sales.

I don’t think people have more money, per se. I believe people are just tired of NOT spending money. Perhaps some have readjusted their spending habits. Maybe others saved a little more this year. Either way, people are buying things this year. Not crazy buying. But normal buying…which is an improvement.

And I now have a super secret “official source” that told me this is going to be a good month for sales…..I believe the exact words were “It’s decidedly so”.

So there you go….


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One Response to Finally….

  1. Alyssa says:

    That would be good! And yes, people are buying – not crazy, but definitely buying.

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