Another “Must Share”…

I love it when I find “doozies” in craft magazines & books (see here for an example).  Well, this morning while looking through some of my recent finds, I found this book.  I had to share.  Enjoy.

From the book titled “The Family Crochet Book”:

” Seriously guys, I appreciate the modeling opportunity,  but is this REALLY a men’s sweater? I really don’t think this is portfolio material.”


“Uh yeah Missy…when we asked you to bring someone to help model some of the clothes, we were thinking someone more your age.  Could you ask your mom to pull the pants down about 10 inches or so? WHOA…stop!Never mind!!!”

Mildred was THRILLED to finally find a hat pattern that would help her smuggle here famous pot roast into the movie theater.

Good stuff.


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One Response to Another “Must Share”…

  1. sue says:

    The guy with the top…wow.

    The two women in the crochet outfits; could the angle of the shoot be any more unflattering?

    The smuggler’s hat? I think you should sent that to Homeland Security so they can be on the lookout for anyone who might try using it for evil.
    Enjoy the holidays, you crazy woman, you!

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