Treasure Lesson #18: Get me out of here!!!!

Okay. So the temperature is in the single digits, there’s ice on the road,  and its going to take a half an hour just to warm up the car.


Well friend, what if I told you could treasure hunt in the comfort of your warm house, sitting in your comfy clothes, and sipping a hot beverage? Well…you can.

One of the ways I have found to find treasures is to simply do it online.  It takes a little time, some detective work, and a little knowledge about some items.

I’m talking about looking through “Lots” of items of found on Ebay…as in one listing having MANY items in it.  Many people don’t want to take the time to list things individually on Ebay and will sell really good stuff in a lot without knowing it. I have found a TON of great things “hidden” in lots simply by looking through the picture and the descriptions.  Start with categories/ items you have some expertise with to make it easier. And if you can’t figure out what an item is by the description or picture, lob the seller a question.  The great thing about “lots” is that many buyers don’t want to deal with multiple things or the more expensive shipping…so you sometimes have an advantage.

And speaking of shipping, just make sure you know the shipping cost before buying the items. If its too expensive….it may not be worth buying the whole lot for one or two things in it.

And just like going out into the 3-D world, it can be hit or miss. But its fun, you’re not using gas, and you can wear those purple bunny slippers while you do it.

Good luck…and happy hunting!

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  1. Jessica says:

    How fun! I decided to try it and bought a lot of kids books last night for just over $1 per book, not much more than I’d pay thrifting. I bet you’d never guess what one of them is… 😉

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