And three more..and two more…and…

Yesterday, I posted about finding a big bunch of Weight Watchers cookbooks….and so I’m inspired to write this post.

In the next 3 weeks people are going to be making a TON of exercise/diet/healthy living promises to themselves.  The lines are forming of millions of people joining diet clubs, fitness centers, and classes.These will be the three BEST weeks to sell your clothes holders exercise equipment, diet books, scales, sports equipment, sporting/exercise clothing & shoes, healthy food cookbooks, and other related items.

After these three weeks, the smell of Super Bowl hot wings and cheeseburger sliders will send the masses pushing and shoving to the Valentine candy aisle to slam a couple of pounds of chocolate, marshmallow, and heart shaped cookies.

I’ve been there… and it ain’t pretty.

SO!  Raid your closets, garages, and basements! Ebay! Craigslist! Play it Again Sports! Now is the perfect time to rid yourself of those unwanted pounds of……stuff!

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