Fantastically Fun First Week Finds!

Well…if this week is any indication of how my “treasure hunting year” will go…I’m going to have a LOT of fun!

This year, I plan to have a more discerning eye. No more “maybe I’ll do it” projects. No more “hmmm…that might sell” items. No more “Oh boy..I need to rescue you” things. I give myself until April….but at least I’m trying.

So I had that plan when I went out this past week.  And I was able to find some really GREAT stuff.  First, I turned the corner into the “dishes” aisle of my local Goodwill and found that sweet Jack and Jill IRMI lamp.  Just sitting there….with a $3.06 price tag. The lamp lights up AND the wishing well has a little light in it too. And at my new favorite thrift store, Super Thrift, I found the unused vintage owl string art kit in the arts and crafts section ($1.91). And I found the vintage aluminum Hallite saucepan with an  awesomely cool turquoise lid ($3.95).  I still have to clean them up for resale ….but what fun!

I hope your first week started well too! Find out what other people found this past week on Apron Thrift Girl’s blog today!

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6 Responses to Fantastically Fun First Week Finds!

  1. dogsmom says:

    Very cute. I look forward to a follow up on the J&J lamp.

  2. Van says:

    LOVE the owl kit and the pot. I’ve made the same unofficial resolution this year. No more maybes, I’m being careful about what I bring home. Even when I encounter super lovely but otherwise useless stuff. -sigh- 🙂

  3. Alyssa says:

    I love the pot and the lamp. My grandmother had a similar lamp in her guest room for us kids when we came to visit.

  4. Monica says:

    There is some terrific cookware on the Thrift Share this week. It’s making me want to throw out my boring pots and pans! Wonderful finds!

  5. Shara says:

    I’ve been really good about not buying everything I see. I feel much better after hitting sales… A year ago it was a different story! Rarely see pans like the one you got–great finds!

  6. laura says:

    Oh Oh! I swear I have the light switch plate that matches your lamp–uhh wanna sell it? 🙂 I actually had it when I was a little girl I only have boys now so I’m keeping safely away from them for a grand daughter in the future!

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