Just enough….

This past week, I only stopped at a couple of thrift stores. I’m trying very hard not to pick up “iffy” items, so my treasure piles are smaller. The good part of this is that I’m eliminating that “Geez, why did I buy that?” feeling as I drive along.  Which of course eliminates the “Geez, why did I buy that?” remorse when I get it home.

So….with my new discerning eye, I found some really good “novelty ties”. The one above happens to be a “Blue Angels” tie.  I like reselling ties as they are often inexpensive to buy and easy to ship.

I normally don’t pick up stuffed animals for resell. This one was misplaced in the housewares department so it caught my eye.  Its a Yorkie, which are good sellers on Ebay…and its a Ty with a tag.  And so for 99 cents….I picked it up.  With Valentine’s Day coming up…I think it was a good purchase.

That’s all I got folks. Not a lot of fireworks here this week…..BUT…check out Apron Thrift Girl’s blog for some GREAT things people found!

And if you are looking for a daily dose of good news…check out my new blog “Wonderful in the World” featuring good news from around the world!

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7 Responses to Just enough….

  1. Kari says:

    I meant to write yesterday and say I love your new blog. I’m going to create a list over on my site that’s not all thrifting and you’ll be the first to go up! AND because of you I pick up tie’s! I love your Blue Angel one, its sweeeeeet. 🙂

  2. shannon says:

    So smart to be selective!! I’ve started doing the same thing. Yesterday I was in a GW, and didn’t buy anything! Some cool stuff…just not worth a ‘wow!!’ and the prices were a little high…

  3. Cheryl says:

    Sometimes I get remorseful too… but as my husband says– “Hey its only a couple of bucks, if you don’t like it donate it back”….. and yes, he doesn’t get to have the checkbook anymore lol
    fun finds!!

  4. I know EXACTLY what you mean! I too am being more selective about the stuff I buy for resale. I just cleaned out my eBay closet and donated a bunch of unsold stuff that’s been lingering around. Lots of buying remorse as I did that! I tried selling ties for awhile but had limited success with them. On the other hand, I’ve been more successful selling stuffed animals. Go figure! eBay is like a fishing adventure: you through out the bait and wait to see what bites!

  5. Monica says:

    I’m also trying to be more selective this year. I’ve been coming across a lot of WTH’s as I’ve been cleaning my office. I love the Yorkie.

  6. latenightcoffee says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who is being more selective! I just picture having to move something around a million times…and that usually does the trick.

    Thanks for all of your great comments!

  7. dogsmom says:

    Sitting on the back of a chair here is a ratty looking (but very realistic) stuffed yorkie. I picked it up to be part of a gag on a rescuer friend. Was going to leave it in a carrier at her back door. So your post made me smile.
    You now have me thinking I should have been picking up ties representing football teams and getting them listed. They are easier to store than shirts and jerseys, and one size fits a larger audience. Any idea what % of population wears ties these days? Is it dwindling?

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