It’s Flippin’ Friday! #18

Hope you are all are staying warm! Wow…there’s some winter weather going on right now!

Last week we had flip stories about a Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirt, an antique heart-shaped lock, and the craft booklet “How to Chicken Scratch Quilt”.

So whatcha got this week? Tell us your flips! We LOOOOOOVE them!

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10 Responses to It’s Flippin’ Friday! #18

  1. shannon says:

    This week I found a very colorful, neon Barbie Polaroid camera. I’ve been on the lookout for one, since they are good sellers. I found this one in the toy section.
    Paid 4.99
    Sold (the SAME day) for $57.99

  2. Anne says:

    My father in law gave me a Sony Betamax VCR machine that they’ve held on to for all these years. Sold it for $99.95. Some of these go even higher!

  3. Jessica says:

    I spent $15 at an estate sale a few weekends ago. Two of the items I’ve sold for a total of $45. A vintage Spirograph set and Aggravation board game, both complete sets from the 70s. Not bad profit for also getting an armful of other neat, yet not-so-valuable old stuff. I’m loving the vintage board games.

  4. Lynne says:

    I love looking at everyone’s flips. I bought some unopened 70s crewel pillow kits at a flea market. One was for a Jacobean pillow and the other kit was just a cool retro design. Paid $1.00 for both kits. Sold the Jacobean pillow kit for $19.00 and the retro pillow kit for $9.00. Love unopened embroidery kits.

  5. dogsmom says:

    Love hearing these stories. Not selling yet but I did inherit some old patterns and needlework kits from an aunt. Any suggestions on best places to turn them around when I get to that point are appreciated.

    • Leah says:

      I had better fortune on Ebay than on Etsy with vintage sewing patterns and linens. Had them listed on Etsy, tagged to the hilt, with no purchases. put them on Ebay and most sold the first round.

  6. I just posted about a Disney Big Bad Wolf plush toy I bought at my fave GW store for $1.99 and sold him within hours of listing him on Ebay for $40.00. I’m always on the lookout for interesting plush toys, especially at garage/yard sales where you can pick them up for under $1.00.

  7. Barbara says:

    Last week I bought a Far Side coffee cup for .45 cents at my local thrift store and sold it for $15.50. Super easy flip! Right now on Ebay auction I have a bunch of Starbucks coffee cups that I purchased from thrift stores for under $1 each. Already have one bid that’s covered the cost of all of them.

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