Books galore and more!

This past week I wasn’t able to get out until Saturday. And boy…what a Saturday it was!

I hit a couple of garage sales and found this neat cookbook from 1909. It was priced at $2.00 and is valued around $70.00.

After a couple more stops at some of my favorite places, I finally landed at Super Thrift…whoohoo!  That place was rockin’ with people….and great stuff! I really like their toy section…they have really interesting things and its organized.  And lucky me…evidentally a teacher must have donated all their unused teaching supplies recently so I was able to pick up a 4 Playdough sets (practically new), some Math learning aids (wrap-ups), Build a Bear magnetic set, and a Melissa & Doug wooden birthday cake set.  They were in really good condition. Some will be resold…some are now my son’s. I also found about 10 packaged quilting patterns with some great retro designs….uncut and ready to list. Oh..and some fun large sports team ribbons.

Still feeling energetic…I decided to drive up to my favorite library bookstore. Holy Toledo! I hit the PERFECT day!  Evidentally, the library had just culled their reference books on collectibles and had just put them in the store. I picked up around 30 of these great books AND three sets of children’s books. One set (Let’s Talk About…by Joy Berry) was only $5.00 and is valued at about $120.00. They are in unused condition. Another set I had as a child…those National Geographic hardcover books on various nature and animal topics. They, too, were in unused condition….and I gave them to my son who LOVES animals.   All total…I paid $80.00 for approximately $1,000.00 worth of books.

My last stop was at one of my favorite thrift stores. It doesn’t have great stuff…but its soooo cute!  Its located in an old wooden building that used to be the original church on the property where the current church is located.  I did find a vintage cake topper (still in the box) and cool retro clock.

And finally…at a new thrift store I found this vintage He-man twin sheet. Once you find He-man…you know you’re done.

Of course, I came home and unloaded this stuff and  neatly stacked it in piles to be organized this week. And the “Hoarders” marathon Saturday night   was just the right inspiration to make sure I do just that. 🙂

Hope your treasure hunting was great! Be sure to check out Apron Thrift Girl’s blog today for more great finds!

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2 Responses to Books galore and more!

  1. Alyssa says:

    Oooh, cool cookbook! And the He-man sheet. Lol! Now you just need a She-ra one. . .

  2. Betty says:

    You found some great deals. Love all those collectibles references.

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