Close to home stuff….

Last week, I found an interesting mix of things.

On Friday, when I could finally muster some energy to get out after dealing with a nasty cold….I ventured into a GW.  I turned the corner to the “mug section” and seriously said to myself “Wouldn’t it be cool if I found a Far Side…WHOA! There’s one in a box!”.  That was weird. But a good weird for 76 cents. And I wouldn’t have even picked it up if it wasn’t for this Flippin’ Friday’s post. So thank you Barbara!

On Saturday, I was feeling a tad better and thought I would stay close to home.  I went to a thrift store and as I was checking out with a couple books…I looked down in the jewelry counter. They have shelves in this counter and each shelf has a price for the items on that shelf. (Forgive that sentence).  On the $3.99 shelf I saw the monogrammed locket. It was  dented…but from the design I could tell it was old…and looked neat. I couldn’t see any writing…but thought I would take a chance. And then I spotted the Scottie dog cufflinks.  So I grabbed those too.  the locket turns out to be from the early 1900’s and is 1/4 Goldshell (early name for goldplate) and was put out by W & SB. I found all that with a magnifying glass on the inside. The cufflinks are Swank which was a popular cufflinks maker in the 50s/60s.  Fun stuff!

I had purposely left later in the morning as I wanted to hit an estate sale later. Why you ask?  Well…it was one of the first nice weekends of the year and this estate sale was advertised very well….I just didn’t feel like by jostled and crowded at 8:00 am.  BUT at 10:00 am I was still able to find some treasures…even though most of the stuff was overpriced. So for a mere $1.50 I was able to walk out with a Peter,Paul, and Mary program from 1970, a cute wooden figure, and a vintage book.

That was my week.  Hope yours was great!  Visit Apron Thrift Girl’s blog for more great treasures that were found across the U.S.!

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3 Responses to Close to home stuff….

  1. shannon says:

    Love Far Side mugs. I’ve had success with those too. So great score…finding one in the box!

  2. Alyssa says:

    I missed last week’s flippin’ friday responses, so I ran back to read them. You be I’ll be keeping an eye out for Far Side mugs now. I found a Starbucks one myself this past week. Cute little wooden figurine, too!

  3. Barbara says:

    You’re so welcomed for the Far Side suggestion. I’ve learned so much from you-I never would have thought about games until I saw your Dooyahavwun post and I’ve done really well with them. Now I can’t wait for your mug to sell-it’s a great one, especially in the box!!

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