It’s Flippin’ Friday! #20

Gimmee an F! Gimmee an L! Gimmee an I-P-P-I-N-apostrophe!  Yes…it’s FLIPPIN’ FRIDAY!!!!!

Last Flippin’ Friday, we had great stories about a Cranberry Thanksgiving children’s book, some newer Fiestaware, a Pampered Chef Stoneware Roasting Pan, a Coca Cola ad, a 1976 Chemex Coffee Maker, and more Starbucks mugs! Yippee!

What great flips have you had? Simply put your “flip story” in the comment section.  You write ’em…we read ’em!

Have a great weekend!


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14 Responses to It’s Flippin’ Friday! #20

  1. Linda says:

    I thought I’d try my hand at plush selling, since I have several friends who’ve had good luck with it. At my local Salvation Army store, I found a Build-a-Bear Professor Hinkle doll from the Frosty the Snowman television special – in mint condition. He was marked 69 cents, but because it was the last sunny Wednesday of the month, between the hours of 10:03am and 10:11am and I was wearing a pink plaid shirt and had a brown purse (or whatever reason…. ) it was 50% off. I sold him for $9.99, making a quick $9.64 profit.

  2. Jessica says:

    I had my best week on eBay ever. Given I’ve only been doing it 4 months, this was not hard. But I’m still pretty excited. I had two days of over $100 sales and my two biggest sales of over $50 each, one thanks to you; but first you know how I love stories, so here we go…

    A few saturdays ago I popped in the GW with baby on my way to the post office and couldn’t believe my eyes, 6, count ’em 6 Starbucks mugs including city skyline mugs and state and country mugs. I know some of these are very collectible, so I rushed to the counter to buy them, $1.50 each. I got them home and did a little research and was bummed none seemed big-time. One was chipped so I gave it to my husband to use and he broke it the first day. Lesson, don’t trust husbands with merchandise. Two others were identical to many already on eBay so I stuck them away for later and it left me with 3 to list. Two seemed to go for consistantly over $20 and one I couldn’t find much about at all. I stuck the two up for $19.99, Texas and Houston, and the other for $9.99 for a 7-day auction to see what would happen. And that is where the excitement begins.

    The Texas one for $19.99 got a bid right away and ended right there, paid shpped, received, and good fb already. The other one, which was one from the late 90s had Zonker from Doonesbury driving an airplane with that sexy siren logo on the front of the plane. It was designed by Trudeau. It got a handful of watchers right away and I got messages if I would ship international. Sure, why not? It quickly got bids, slowly higher through the week, and by the last minute my husband and I parked at the computer and refreshed like mad and watched the bidding war between New Zealand and Thailand. New Zeland won at $81. We could not belive it. Paid immediately and it’s enroute to the other side of the world as I type.

    My other big sale this week was a set of those Remington Tight Curls. The second set I have found, this one with the original clips and box! They cost me $6, but I actioned with a 7-day auction (thanks eBay for another free listings special) and the final price was $67. Again, could not believe it.

    I had a few other decent book flips this week, but will save for a future Flippin’ Friday when I have a dry week. Lovin’ everyones’ stories.

  3. shannon says:

    let’s see…this one was last week or the week before..
    Found a set of silverware by Interpur (vintage with those synthetic wood handles) for $5.99 at goodwill.
    I had sold this pattern before, so I knew it was good. I listed for $99.99 and accepted a $85 offer.
    I originally listed the 44 pcs as a lot..then looking thru my stash, found some more of the same pattern, so was able to change things around and make a complete 40 pc service for 8.
    Then I listed the rest of what i had in smaller lots.
    The buyer of the set came back next day and bought the extra knives I had…6 knives ($1.50 purchase price) for $20.
    Vintage silverware can do well..especially mid-century stuff..anything atomic looking or danish modern.

  4. Lynne says:

    Went to the junk shops in my town last Friday and picked up 9 Annie’s Crochet Patterns – Flower Garden Collection for Barbies – each one was a different flower dress. Paid 50 cents for each one. Listed each one separately. Ended up selling them for anywhere from $7.50 a piece to $2.75 for a total of $43.75. Also picked up six vintage miniature Lefton bunnies that were in a easter egg, a $1.00 for everything. Put them up in two separate lots and sold them for a total of $15.75.

  5. sraikh says:

    Jessica, I love your story.

    My fav flip this week is a Vintage Vanity Fair Panty Sz 7. I got it for 99 cents and it sold for $89 to someone in Belgium Vtg panties go for high $$. Look for Antron III, Nylong, lacey bloomer granny type panties. One of them sold for $200(not mine alas)

    PS: I linked your blog in my how to sell on ebay part 1 post

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  7. Christy Gardner says:

    I just retired and moved back to Texas. I have been looking for new friends that junk and I stumbled on your website. What a lucky day for me! It’s like having coffee with the girls. Thanks for being there! I have been a picker for 40 years and can’t quit. One of my best picks was a Mexican pottery coffee pot I found in a thrift store for $29.99. On eBay, I watched it climb to $460.00.. My family quite crabbing about my “junk”. Wish they were all winners like that. Nice to meet ya’ll. Everybody have a great weekend! Christy

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