Releasing my inner nut.

Fun week!

Some of you know how I feel about stuffed animal piles from this post, but after reading MANY great finds taking place in these areas….I challenged my nuttiness and dove into the mountains for foam and fur.  And I actually found something!

It’s a 1983 Washington Redskins Huddles Mascot doll. It was only 99 cents and goes for around $20.00.

Later in the week, I did a quick check-in at a thrift store ( next to the grocery store I was originally heading to) and I found this can opener.  Not any can opener, but a Smooth Edge Pampered Chef can opener.  It was 50 cents (in one of those bins) and goes for around $15.00.  These are interesting can openers…I actually had to Google how to use it.  Unlike regular openers,  this one is held perpendicular to the can and it takes off the top (smooth) instead of a ragged inner section.

On Saturday, I went to a church rummage sale.  I LOVE church rummage sales!! There’s usually a ton of stuff and the people running it are not attached to the items and just want to get rid of it….ALL!  I left with a huge box of fun things for my son’s classroom, some vintage ties,some craft magazines,  about 25 brand new gift bags (all brown), and over 100 Pillsbury cookbooks for a grand total of 11.00!  There was SO MUCH STUFF there…but I had plans and couldn’t dawdle like I wanted to…but it was a great sale.

That’s my week…hope yours was good too! Visit Apron Thrift Girl’s blog today for more great finds!

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