A Week to Remember….WOW!

I thought about you guys all weekend and couldn’t wait to do this post. I wish I could have smushed you all in the car with me. Seriously…this was one of the best treasure hunting weekends (and weeks) I’ve had in a long time. And of course, I have a  story to go with it.

Okay…so Friday night I do my weekly Craigslist sales mapping. Blah,blah,blah. Found about five that appealed to me and thought I would just follow sale signs for the rest of the day after those.

7:00 am GREAT SALE #1:  Immediately find 3 Collector’s Edition Thomas the Tank Engine DVDS with the little trains included. Packages still sealed.  AND…I get a HUGE bottle of Skin So Soft (woman was an Avon dealer) for the mosquito season that is about to erupt here. Oh yeah..it’s gonna be a good day if I score this early.

7:30 am GREAT SALE #2:  This is the good one.  I accidentally come across an estate sale on the way to another sale. I see that miraculously it’s already open…and no one is there.  As I look through the items in their carport, I’m thinking…this is really great stuff…and its organized. I chat with the people running it, tell them they did a great job displaying the stuff…prices are good. I’m finding some cool things (linens, vintage christmas..) and they tell me go inside…there’s more.  Again..very organized. Evidentally, the estate was of a woman who had gone in a nursing home. By this time I’ve seen about three rooms…I have an armful of stuff…and I ask if this was the first day of the sale. They tell me no…it was yesterday too. I deflate a little, thinking there’s not going to be any GREAT stuff. I’m going room to room…pick some things up here and there…and then…

and then….

and then….

I enter a room that only takes place in my dreams. I have encountered the room that has all the things that this woman used…when…she…was…a…seamstress.  I look around….tons of fabric, tons of books, tons of sewing patterns, tons of notions….all in good condition….and best yet…I’m the only one in there!

I start going through the  books… they are all fifty cents each…..yes, fifty cents….I grabbed about 30 fantastic books about sewing and other great topics.  THEN I spot a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE collection of Sew Beautiful magazines (about 30).  Those things are gold my friends. I put those in my pile. At this point, I realize I’m going to need some boxes and like magic, one of the older men running the sale has come in the room to see if I need any help. I tell him  I’m going to get this huge pile of books and magazines….and then I spot some great patterns in the box of patterns. So, thenI tell him I’m interested in the patterns too.  THIS IS THE BEST PART.  He immediately says “If you are interested in those patterns, I ‘ll give them all to you for $5.00”  I about pass out then.  There are over 200 patterns in the two boxes….and the ones I had just pulled to look at were awesome…and UNCUT!  I say “Absolutely!”  So now this huge pile of books, magazines, and patterns are being totaled up and I go out to pay….just to get them in my car…so I can come back in and do another “look see”.

I go back in and find some more great things in the “Magical Room”  and in some of the other rooms. And then go back to my car.  Of course, I just want to peek through the box of patterns to see some of the great patterns.  OH MY GOODNESS!  In the bottom of the box, laying flat underneath the upright patterns, were 5  vintage Vogue Paris Original patterns…and one was a PUCCI!  It was only 8:15 at this point and I could totally go home VERY happy.

Yeah..right.  You know when you hit a good one….you HAVE to keep going. And I’m glad I did.

8:30 am-I run across a sale being held at the clubhouse of a retirement community…..car automatically does a U-turn (legal in FL) into the parking lot.

I enter the sale and realize I’m probably the youngest person in there…by about 4o years…this..is…going…to..be…good.  I do my “eagle eye scan” and head over to a big table of linens.  First find is a large box of vintage aprons for fifty cents each…grab the box.  Then I spy a vintage looking box.  I think I heard the “Alleluia Chorus “when I opened the box to see it was a vintage Irish Damask linen tablecloth/napkin set….unused….for four dollars. GULP! Four dollars was too much so I put it back….HA!  Just kidding. I also bought 10 really neato brooches and I usually don’t buy jewelry..so that tells you how fun they were! It’s now only 9:00 am  and I still have the whole day to go.

I go to about 10 more….can’t find a thing.  Seriously.  I was so glad I didn’t hit these at first as I would have just gone home.

And then…I arrive at a sale that had advertised large landscaping bricks for 25 cents each.  These are the big ones that normally are 2.50 at Home Depot…so I ask how many they have….they point to a pile..and then another big pile…and then to the ones around their trees.  I buy them all. 132 of them.  35.00 for all.  Those who know me know I’ve landscaped most of my house from garage sales and Craigslist.  My day ended at this sale as we had a lot of hauling to do to get those babies home.

That was just Saturday.  Earlier last week I scored some neat things here and there at thrift stores including a Bucilla Christmas Stocking kit, a Wuzzles stuffed animal, and a BIG bunch of atomic starburst flatware (Thanks to Shannon/Recycleista!)

So that was my week….whew! I have some work ahead of me to get all of these things listed..but I think I still have some of my adrenaline rush in me, so hopefully it will go quickly!

Look at more great finds on Apron Thrift Girl’s blog today….always fun!  Happy treasure hunting everyone!

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15 Responses to A Week to Remember….WOW!

  1. There are no words to describe just how awesome you day was! WOW and I would love to see some pics of your finds!

  2. shannon says:

    wow…wow…wowzers!! I wish we were in the car with you too!
    At the very least, I wish I’d taken you up on the Pick4U offer you have on one of your tabs..then you woulda found jewelry for me!! lol. Or buttons..did SuperSeamstress lady have old buttons?

    Fun, fun, fun. Those amazing days are what keep us going. Can’t wait for the yard sale season to start up here!! I’m tired of thrift store prices!

    Oh and is your atomic flatware Oneida?..it looks like Twin Star, one of my faves. So glad my tip helped!

    • I’ll have to get my magnifying glass out in the next couple days when I paw through the bag of them. There’s a couple of different atomic patterns in the batch I noticed…but I owe it to you for even getting me to stop and look at it!

  3. Linda says:

    WOW! Spectacular finds! I can’t wait to read the flips that follow. I wish there were more estate sales around here!

  4. sraikh says:

    Jealous!! My estate sales were a bust! Gave you some linky love 🙂

  5. Alyssa says:

    Bet you’re still pinching yourself! I love days like that. 🙂 The patterns – good grief! What an amazing deal, especially with the vintage Vogue ones.

  6. Barbara says:

    Wow. What great sales. I dream of finding a sale full of sewing and craft stuff. Fab score on the books and patterns.

  7. Thanks you guys! I knew you’d appreciate a tale like this!

  8. I am living vicariously through you as those sales sound amazing! Can’t wait until it’s yard sale season in these parts!

  9. Laurie says:

    Wow, great finds — especially the seamstress’ room. I love rooms like that! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  10. Jessica says:

    Congratulations! So jealous here. I’m itching to hit some garage sales now. Rain, rain go away!

  11. MrsWalton says:

    Fantastic story, I got all excited for you as i was reading. Those sort of thrifts are few and far between. Thanks for sharing the story,i live in hope!!

  12. Leah says:

    Yay for you! I need to follow you around sometime. 🙂

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