Calling all treasure hunters!

One great thing to look for in your treasure hunting adventures is the Western Electric phone. These vintage phones have an EXCELLENT sell-through rate on Ebay and can sometimes command a few hundred dollars.

Rotary and push-button sell equally well. Red, turquoise, pink and blue do very well but so do the other neutral colors.  It’s definitely worth your while to peruse the Western Electric phone completed listings on Ebay to see the many kinds.

What’s nice about these phones is the fact that they don’t have to be super old either to get a good price. A lot of phones from the 70’s and 80’s are really sought after. And don’t forget about the Western Electric phone manuals…definitely in demand.

So make sure you head over to those overflowing bins/shelves/boxes of electronics at sales and stores…you never know what’s hidden!

*Pictures courtesy of Ebay

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One Response to Calling all treasure hunters!

  1. dogsmom says:

    I have been picking up novelty phones. Originally I was going to use them around the house but we still have not run a phone line. So I use them as sculptural pieces. I love seeing the ones I pay under $10 for (ok, usually under $5) comparably priced online at $20 or up to $50.

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