“I Thunk for Junk!” Round #10

One of these greeting cards recently sold for $57.78 on Ebay.  Can you guess which one? (Answer below)


A)Unused Jim Henson “Muppets” birthday card



B) Vintage Superman birthday card



C)Unused Boynton friendship card with envelope






Answer: C- The Boynton card recently sold for 57.78.  Boynton character products can bring a good price…especially unused cards.  The Muppets card brought $53.89 and the vintage Superman card brought $29.99.

Sending YOU good treasure hunting vibes this week!

*Images courtesy of Ebay

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2 Responses to “I Thunk for Junk!” Round #10

  1. dogsmom says:

    I was certain it was going to be the Muppet card, but I was not far off.
    I collect Boynton things myself, mainly books and stuffed animals, but whatever I can find within my extremely cheap budget.

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