Do My Feet Look Fat in This?

I’m not a big exercise person. But I knew something about this booklet would change my view on physical fitness.

I mean…if someone has hair that tall and is teaching exercise…seriously…how hard could it possibly be?

So I followed Fran into her leotard-clad world of physical beauty….



I knew right away that I was going to LOVE this new exercise routine when Fran said to lay on the floor. I’ll be honest…I may have dozed a little during this one.


Fran moved on to what she called the “Self Fist Bump”.

Unfortunately, I was so distracted by her helmet hair, that I don’t think I “Self Fist Bumped” effectively.

I think she saw my lack of concentration, and proposed we do a “Team Fist Bump”.  This gal had some skills.


I liked  Fran. Not only was she good at keeping herself fit…she’s an excellent conversationist.

We talked about deodorant (we both use the same brand!), her lobotomy, and the many impressions she could do. (Her Mae West is dead-on!)


She then brought out some chairs and I thought how she had really tailor-made the exercises for my lifestyle.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her I d0 this same exercise when I’m folding clothes and don’t feel like getting up off the couch to get the clothes out of the basket.


Fran needed to take a break, so she sent in her male assistant, Donald.  He picked up where she left off with the feet exercises.

He was only wearing his undies.



Donald and I were merrily working our bunions, when he suddenly said he didn’t feel well.



He raced out of the room mumbling something about tight elastic, stress, and a taco truck.

So I waited.


After about an hour…I checked on Donald.

And like a true pro, he was STILL doing our exercises ….with the bathroom rug.

I figured that this was probably the non-verbal end of our work-out…which was good.

My fists and feet were killing me.

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3 Responses to Do My Feet Look Fat in This?

  1. shannon says:

    please don’t tell me this is the bookselling niche I’ve been waiting for???

  2. Kym says:

    You are so funny, I loved this post, oh and love your blog too.
    Imma late night coffee drinkin lurker and found you while reading Dhamma Thrifts blog.
    I liked ya on facebook for Late Night Coffee, but for some reason could not find Late Night Market.

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