John Jacob Jingleheimershmidt’s…artwork

I promised I would write about a type of book to be on the lookout for when thrifting. What makes this type of book SO great to try and find is:

1) They are usually very cheap.

2) People generally pass them up.

3) They can often be WORTH A LOT!!

This book type is the “Obscure Artist” book.

While people may instantly know the name Monet or Ansel Adams, very few recognize the name Paul Caponigro (photographer), Brice Marden (painter), or Eyvind Earle (illustrator/painter). I didn’t know them either until I picked up books with their art. Each of these artists have MANY collectors of their work.  Collectors who want to know what else is out there by the artist they like.  There’s been hundreds of books written on Picasso…but how many books have been published on Robert Doisneau? Exactly.

These books can be very inconspicuous, often going unnoticed on a shelf.  MANY are in booklet form. Those showing collections from shows, exhibitions, or collections can be fantastic. Usually these are from exhibitions at museums and may feature art that has not been shown in any other publications. A lot are discarded after the event is over, so the only ones that have them are the people who picked one up. So if you see one…grab it. If its cheap…it’s definitely worth the gamble.

I ALWAYS pick up these books.  Photographers. Painters. Sculptors. Film directors. Any art form. The weirder/more obscure the name…the better. The weirder the art…the better.

I would say anything from the 80’s and earlier is best…but there are newer artists that have their following too. Again…cheap gamble.

So there you go! Another thing to keep your eyes open for….

For more bookselling tips, check out my other bookselling posts!  Happy Hunting!

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4 Responses to John Jacob Jingleheimershmidt’s…artwork

  1. shannon says:

    Cool! thanks, that’s a good one. I’ll have to ‘peel’ my eyes better around the thrifted books!
    ‘…John Jacob Jingleheimer….’ Great. Now THAT song will be in my head all day. And it’s Elmo who’s singing it.

  2. Jessica says:

    Wonderful information as always! Thanks!

  3. Alyssa says:

    Another really great tip; thank you!

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