The Special of the Day….

One piece of ephemera to keep your eye out for is the vintage restaurant menu.

People collect these for a number of reasons.  Sentimentality, artwork, and history are a few of the motivating factors that collectors use for buying these items.

I have found numerous menus at estate sales, garage sales, and antique stores.  Look in boxes of papers, drawers, old scrapbooks,  and sometimes on bookshelves.  They often go unnoticed and are usually very inexpensive.

Vintage menus can sell between $10.00-100.00 depending on age and rarity.

Order up….vintage menus!

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One Response to The Special of the Day….

  1. shannon says:

    Haven’t ever found one of these, but I’ve done well with vintage silverplate from restaurants. Someone gave me some random silverplage flatware and a few pieces had some Chicago restaurants’ names engraved. They sold well and quickly.
    Same idea I guess!

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