There’s a calming, steady rainfall outside my window this morning.

Just perfect for a “Treasure Haiku”.

tag says one dollar

a rip, some wear, and one eye

a small price for love


Feeling creative?  Share your  “Treasure Haiku” in the comments section. It can be serious or funny or whatever…..We’ll use the 5-7-5 syllable Haiku format. Have fun!


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5 Responses to OMmmmmmmmmm…….

  1. beckyyk says:

    dog meditating
    is the photo real or fake
    will I ever know

  2. shannon says:

    channeling my sixth
    grade self I remember that
    I can’t write Haiku

  3. my home is bursting
    but I can’t stop buying stuff
    how I love my junk

  4. shannon says:

    garage sale owner
    change mind? please remove your ad
    from Craigslist postings

  5. Barbara says:

    Waste, lost, set aside
    Reuse to create anew
    Treasure now I find

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