It’s Flippin’ Friday! #29

It’s that great time of the week again….Flippin’ Friday!  We have now have TWO weeks of sales to report…so let’s hear them all!

Last week, we “shook things up” and shared stories of disappointing sales….and trust me…you can learn a great deal from them too. Thanks to all who shared their “tales of woe”!

So…if you have had a flip you would like to share….write it in the comment section below.  Everyone who contributes automatically gets “TREASURE FINDING KARMA” for the weekend.  And with yard sale season heating up…that’s a great thing to have.

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  1. Lynne says:

    I am still selling my huge lot of cross stitch patterns that I bought at an estate sale for $20.00. I have found that anything with Prairie Schooler does well. Sold a Prairie Schooler Cross Stitch Pattern for $37.00. I have sold two magazines that feature Prairie Schooler for $4.95 and $10.00. Bought a vintage Red Omega watch box that wasn’t in the greatest condition for a dime at an estate sale. Sold it for $18.00. You just never know!!!

  2. maryama says:

    I found five pairs of Ferragamo mens shoes in excellent to ok condition. One pair I paid $15.00 for the rest were $5.00 or less. I started the bidding on all the shoes for $24.99 The ones in the best condition sold for $152.00! The others averaged $50.o0. I was so happy with my flip.

  3. Carla says:

    I got an American Girl doll for $3, American Girl doll trunk for $5 and a Boy American girl doll for $5 in the last two weeks. Sold them for $64, $51, and $60. I knew they were things to look for and I have been looking for a year and just never saw any until now, and find three things within a week at three different places! This job is never boring!

  4. Cindy says:

    I just love Flippin Friday! I found a Vintage Christian Dior Slip in early January at the Salvation Army. I didn’t even know if I wanted to wait in line for my $3 purchase since that was all I found. I waited and paid and it actually sat in my car for about 3 weeks before I remembered it was there. Listed it on Ebay and received the starting bid of $12.95 within hours. It had quite a few watchers, so when I left for my evening job, I was hoping it would climb a little from the $20 bid that was placed. When I got home late that evening I was shocked that it had sold for $130.00. Payment was already in my inbox! Yeah!

  5. nancy says:

    I had read on one of the reseller’s blogs (this one?) that Heye puzzles were collectable so when I saw one at the Sal Army taped to another game for $1.54 I remembered and picked it up. They come in a triangle shaped box so they stand out. The top of the box is missing and the box is in bad shape but all the pieces are there. I listed it once and it didn’t sell although lots of people watched it. I relisted it at 9.99 with a buy it now of 15.99. Last night I got a question from a person in Greece wondering if I would ship it there. I said yes (nervously since I’ve never shipped internationally) and this afternoon he bought it with the buy it now! Any tips for international shipping? I weighed it and looked up the rates and quoted him a price but do I need to fill out special paperwork at the post office? Can I do it in the self service area like I do everything else? That was a fun flip and very timely because I was getting depressed that I had watchers on many items but nothing was selling!

    • First…congrats on your flip!

      I believe, and someone can correct me if I’m wrong…but you’ll have to fill out the claims form at the post office and send it from there. I don’t ship internationally now….but that was the deal when I was doing it. I’m not sure if they’ve updated the self-service with international shipping.

      Tips: Pack well, keep paperwork, and let the buyer know when you send it and how you sent it.

      Thanks for your story!

    • annabel52 says:

      I just shipped a package to Thailand and I did it online. You can print out the customs paperwork online now.

  6. nancy says:

    Thanks for the information ladies 🙂

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