Time for some REAL treasure hunting…

This past week had a gob of estate sales, but one in particular was outstanding.

It was advertised as a 3 day sale starting on Friday, so I headed over as soon as I could on Friday morning.  A couple of people were there. One guy was looking through a whole bunch of cookbooks and using his book scanner. I went to the bookcase that he had already scanned and grabbed two cookbooks…worth almost $125.00.  They are vintage and had no barcode. (I’m telling you…TRUST your instincts on books….those scanners can really slow you down).

I went through the house and it was evident the lady was a collector…of all kinds of things. And better yet…she kept her things nice.  I went into one room, and on the dresser there was 3 big ziplock bags filled with perfume bottles (albeit used) of all sizes.  I didn’t hesitate picking those up as I saw they were expensive brands.  The bags were marked 1.00 – 2.00.  Yay!

After doing some more browsing, I overheard that they still had a garage packed with things and that that would be put out tomorrow morning. I’m glad I was born with big ears.

Cut to Saturday morning.

There were a couple of neighborhood sales that were taking place…but my strategy was going to that estate sale again first thing.  I figured that a lot of people would head over to the neighborhood sales AND since it was the second day of an estate sale….it might lower the competition even more.

I was right. Not a soul was there when I pulled up.  I went inside and indeed they were putting things out.  They remembered me from the day before and we talked about how their sale had been going.  I asked if everything had been taken out of the garage and they said “Heavens no”  and then the words everyone us wants to hear “Would you like to go in the garage and take a look around?”.  Gulp. Um. Yeah.

It was packed with glassware in boxes and vintage linens in bags.  I was in heaven. I ended up filling a huge box with vintage linens…including these pretty Southern Belle pillowcases. It was so much fun…and people started coming in the garage and we all were having a good time “treasure hunting”.


And then the best part for me happened.

I had gone through everything and just HAPPENED to look behind the garage door to see what was there…..and there it was. A metal detector.  I have been wanting one for sooooo long.  And this one was in excellent condition.  The man running the sale (who was so nice!) said it was one of the better brands for metal detectors.  He said the price was 60.00 and I immediately agreed. Turns out it was an EXCELLENT deal.

My son was extremely excited to see it and can’t wait to try it out at the beach.  Honestly…I can’t wait either.

Tomorrow, read my post on the place I found Saturday afternoon that only takes place in my junkin’ dreams.  And it’s  open six days a week!!!!!!!!!!

For more great finds…visit Apron Thrift Girl’s blog today! Catch the fever!

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  1. shannon says:

    How fun! I hit a great estate sale or 2 this weekend…but I’ve gotta clean and organize and do taxes before I can let myself blog bout them!!
    Nice find with the cookbooks!

  2. I agree, “Would you like to go in the garage and take a look around?” would sing to my ears, too! Well done nabbing the pre-barcode cookbooks! And the embroidered linens were a great find as well.

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