I’d like to thank Barbara for her great tip for this post, for Recycleista for her article she had on her blog, my parents for their support, my agent for…….oh wait..I don’t have an agent….yet.

Okay…so here’s a fun treasure to look for (maybe even in your own home)…..vintage dice!

It seems there is a niche for these cubed delights…and there are many different kinds that do well.  The most valuable kind are the ones made of Bakelite (or polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride for anyone who wants to be REALLY impressive).  And while they may look like regular dice…these are very collectible. How do you know if it’s Bakelite?  Well, thanks to Recycleista….here is an article on how you can test forBakelite. The article deals with bakelite button identification…but it can be done for dice as well.

Casino dice, novelty advertising dice, and mini game dice are also collectible and can bring a good price.

So check out those grab bags, boxes o’ stuff, and junk drawers at estate sales….who knows…you might “get lucky”!

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  1. shannon says:

    Don’t forget to check vintage games for vintage Bakelite dice!!

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