10 Million? 10 Thousand? 10 cents?

If you stay in the business long enough, at some point you are going to pick up something whose value is a big question mark. You Google, research, ask….to no avail.

There is a website now that could possibly help you in your next “value challenge”. The website is Valuemystuff.com.

I personally have never used it…but will certainly consider it next time I have a puzzling item.   From what the website states, for as little as $7.99 and some information sent to them via online, you can receive the value of any item in over 30 categories.

The site seems to be getting a lot of recognition from well-known publications and I can’t easily find a bad review of it. I think its worth checking out if you think you have a real treasure as they aren’t interested in buying it or trying to sell it. They just offer evaluations.

Have you used it?  Would you use it? I’d be interested in knowing!

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One Response to 10 Million? 10 Thousand? 10 cents?

  1. Sounds interesting. I’d love to here some feedback from those that have used it. Guess it would probably be best for those top top dollar items …wish I could find more of those 🙂

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